Big rugs for living room: complete choice guide

Luxury rugs Aug 30.2022
Big rugs for living room: complete choice guide

Using big rugs for living room is an effective way to give personality to a spacious living area. This solution is most suitable in homes where an open-plan living room has been designed, but also works very well in homes where the living room is separated from the rest of the living area.

Placing big-format rugs in these spaces offers clear advantages over other available solutions such as carpet or bare flooring.

Why is it a good idea to furnish using Big rugs for living room?

When furnishing the living room, finding the perfect carpet can give the room an extra edge. Compared to an empty floor, one covered with a luxury carpet looks elegant and is more comfortable. In addition, the presence of a high quality artefact helps to protect delicate floors and allows a touch of colour to the room.

One could consider, as an alternative to a big luxury carpet, using carpet throughout the living area. Even in this case, however, the carpet is the winner in the comparison. While it is true that carpeting offers softness and comfort throughout the room, it is also true that the use of a wood, stone or ceramic floor covered with a big carpet is easier to clean and offers more possibilities for customisation.

Big rugs for living room are also practical and versatile solutions: they can be placed in the centre of the room to add colour and accentuate a detail of the living area, or they can be used to visually define and delimit the various rooms into which the space is divided.

Thanks to the use of soft materials and the possibility of customising the design of living room rugs, the decision to furnish the living area with big rugs is always a winning one. Provided, however, that certain guidelines are carefully followed. And now we will tell you what they are.

Big rugs for living room: complete choice guide

Tips for furnishing the living room with a big-size rug

When placed in a big living room, a big format carpet can decorate the room and, at the same time, give it a specific personality.

However, in order not to make mistakes and to make the carpet stand out to the fullest, it is important to pay attention, both when choosing the best model and when placing it in the home.

When deciding to furnish the living room with a big carpet, it is necessary to choose a model that is proportional to the size of the room. In fact, an excessively big carpet runs the risk of visually shrinking the living room and may not look very harmonious in relation to the furniture. Conversely, a carpet that is small in relation to the size of the room risks being isolated and getting lost in the overall picture.

In addition to the overall harmony between the size of the carpet and the size of the room, it is also necessary to consider how the living room relates to the rooms in the house closer to it. Indeed, furnishing a big open-plan living room facing the kitchen is not the same thing as furnishing an enclosed living room adjacent to the kitchen. And this is only one of many possible examples.

For an optimal result, it is essential to choose the correct position of the luxury carpet. If there is a dining table or a sofa in the living room, the most natural choice is to place it underneath this furniture. In short: with a little shrewdness, it is not that difficult to place Big rugs for living room, while respecting the space and furnishing styles already present.

Big rugs for living room: complete choice guide

Guide to choosing the perfect big format living room carpet

Carpet design can really make a difference and give any room the right lift. The wide availability of designs and the possibility of customisation makes contemporary luxury rugs the best choice.

Modern luxury rugs also help to characterise the room in a unique way and make it match the wishes of those who live there. Depending on the decor you have chosen for your living room, you could opt for a natural carpet, a brightly coloured carpet or an artefact with eye-catching patterns. Big living room rugs do not escape this logic.

In terms of materials, too, big modern rugs present various possibilities. In addition to the timeless wool, one can consider a living room carpet made of cotton or, for those who like natural-looking patterns, one made of sisal or jute. Generally speaking, as this is a rather busy and frequented space in the home, stronger and more durable materials are preferred.

Thanks to the use of big rugs for living room, this room of the house can easily become the star of an interior design project. Through careful planning, perhaps even resorting to the choice of a custom-made carpet, it is possible not only to create a comfortable and cosy environment, but also to achieve a unique and superlative result. All this while also looking at the functionality of the environment.

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