What size rug for a bedroom? Complete choice guide

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What size rug for a bedroom

What size rug for a bedroom? Let’s start by saying that the luxury carpet  is not just a simple accessory in bedroom furniture, but an essential element that can radically change the look and functionality of the space.

In this sense, knowing how to choose the right size of bedroom carpet  not only allows you to beautify and protect the floor from wear and tear, but also allows you to benefit from the other advantages offered by carpets, such as their ability to insulate the space thermally and acoustically. 

How to choose the ideal size of bedroom carpet?

What size rug for a bedroom?  The process of determining the size for a bedroom rug begins with measuring the space to be furnished. Understanding how large the available space is helps to identify in principle what size the carpet should be.

When calculating the size of the piece, it is essential to consider the position of the different pieces of furniture within the bedroom and above all to focus on the relationship between the carpet and the other furniture in the room and, in particular, with the bed and wardrobe.

The main thing to check is the visual coherence between the different elements. If the carpet is too small, it runs the risk of taking a back seat and giving the impression of an unharmonious ambience, while if it is too large, it could overshadow other decorative elements and make the atmosphere too charged.

So, what size rug for a bedroom? To be able to choose the right size, it is essential to consider the size of the room. If you have a small room, where there is no space for a large-size model, you can resort to alternative solutions, such as a single rug at the foot of the bed or bedside rugs at the sides of the mattress.

What size rug for a bedroom

If, on the other hand, you are furnishing a larger bedroom, you can consider furnishing the room with a large rug to be placed under the bed. The ideal size is one that covers the entire width of the bed, extending to the sides to include the bedside table area and leaving space at the foot of the mattress.

Which bedroom carpets should be considered?

A carpet is a piece of furniture that is meant to last. It is a real long-term investment; therefore, choosing the right model is crucial. One of the aspects that most influences the choice of carpet for the bedroom is the size of the mattress.

So, what size rug for a bedroom? If you are furnishing a children’s bedroom, in which there are single beds, you can consider choosing a rectangular rug that is slightly larger than the size of the mattress or opt for a rug of a different shape. Abstract shaped models or those that reproduce animals or fantasy characters are an excellent idea that combines comfort and fun.

In adult rooms, on the other hand, there can be standard, king-size or queen-size mattresses. This difference must be taken into account when assessing the size of the carpet, in order to find the correct size. If you don’t want to take any risks, you can consider, instead of installing a single rectangular-shaped carpet, furnishing the room with a carpet set consisting of two bedside rugs and a round or half-moon shaped piece to be placed at the foot of the bed, or choose an irregularly shaped carpet. In general, these solutions can be adapted to beds of various sizes, guaranteeing an elegant and harmonious result. 

What size rug for a bedroom? Here are the most suitable carpet types for your bedroom!

What size rug for a bedroom

What size rug for a bedroom? When discussing the size of textiles for the bedroom, the style of the carpet and its appearance cannot be ignored.

For large-format carpets, the choices are mainly between short-pile and long-pile models. The former are preferable if one is looking for a model that is practical to use, easy to clean and has a compact structure. This type of textile is well suited to both classically furnished rooms and rooms with a minimalist or contemporary d├ęcor.

Long-pile carpets, on the other hand, are the ideal choice if you want to focus on softness and comfort. These items, which are available in plain colours or in several colours, are perfect for warming up the atmosphere in all bedrooms in the home. Carpets of this type require more maintenance than short pile carpets, but guarantee a very elegant and sophisticated result.

To find the ideal carpet for the bedroom, one must consider among other things that it is the room where one rests and spends at least one third of the day. For these reasons, carpets made of natural fibres, possibly hypoallergenic and free of harmful substances, are preferable.

Our guide answering the question “what size rug for a bedroom?” ends with one last piece of advice. In addition to wool, some of the materials to consider for bedroom carpets are cotton, jute and hemp. These pieces are environmentally friendly and give the bedroom an earthy, rustic look, perfect if you have chosen to give the room a natural look.

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