Wall carpet art: what do they look like? How to make the right choice for the individual room?

Design Dec 15.2023
Wall carpet art

Wall carpet art are a fascinating alternative to traditional pictures and an original solution for enriching domestic spaces.

The most distinctive feature of these wall carpets  is their ability to transform a vertical surface into a dynamic space that takes on depth and personality thanks to the textures and colours of the pile.

What are the characteristics of wall carpet art?

Like certain luxurious tapestries , art wall-to-wall carpets are the perfect option for adding style and decorating a room in an original way, but they also offer other unique advantages that you should be aware of.

Firstly, when you decide to hang an art rug on the wall, you have the opportunity to bring out and enhance the details of particular or delicate artefacts. You particularly appreciate this possibility when you are dealing with models that have been made of precious or delicate fibres, which would otherwise risk irreparable damage if they were placed on the floor.

Hanging carpets on the wall is an excellent idea when you want to emphasise the handcrafted beauty of the artefact and be able to appreciate every nuance and pattern from an original viewpoint.

In contrast to paintings, wall carpets can exploit the three-dimensionality of the fabric and the variations that the fibres take on due to the effect of light, resulting in an ever-changing result that creates a more enveloping and cosy ambience.

Wall carpet art

Which spaces in the home can be fitted with one or more wall carpet art?

Wall carpet art are an original and versatile solution to be considered for decorating various spaces in the home. The many possibilities to choose from, in terms of size, materials and styles, make it possible to create an ambience that reflects the desired look of the home.

In entrances and corridors, for example, small, thin and compact carpets can be used. In these spaces, such a furnishing solution makes it easy to add colour and texture while warming the atmosphere.

In the living room, wall-mounted textiles can become the focal element of the entire area. Placing large art carpets on empty walls can make the room more artistically and visually interesting.

Wall carpet art are also perfect for completing the furnishings in bedrooms. In this area of the home, a larger wall carpet can be installed in the wall behind the bed to act as a unique and impressive headboard, or used to decorate an empty wall if you want to add warmth and personality to the space.

In general, using wall-to-wall carpets allows you to personalise your home space in unique ways. By carefully choosing the materials, colours and placement of these rugs, you can add personality and texture to the room, but also better define the identity and style of different areas of the home.

Wall carpet art

What are the best tips for placing art wall-to-wall carpets?

Placing wall carpet art carefully is essential to achieve a good visual result and to preserve the beauty of the artefact over time. Paying attention to these aspects is always important, but is particularly relevant for those who wish to decorate their home with delicate pieces, such as silk, for example.

If you want to achieve a unique result, you can also consider commissioning customised carpets or made-to-measure models that are specially designed to suit your needs and blend in perfectly with the style and colours of your existing furnishings.

Those who are thinking of furnishing their home with wall carpet art must carefully consider the weight of the individual textile artefact. In order to prevent the product from becoming deformed or damaged, it is preferable to opt for small-format textiles or those with a thin structure and made of lightweight yarns. Flat and woven carpets are particularly suitable for this application. Kilim and soumak patterns, for example, are good options to consider.

For a good end result, it is also a good idea to have a protective panel. This layer placed on top of the carpet helps to preserve its beauty over time, protecting it from dust and reducing the negative effects that can be caused by sunlight.

In order to fix the carpet correctly to the wall, special bars can be used, onto which the artefact should be hooked (without fear of damaging it), thus ensuring a stable and secure distribution of the weight.

In addition to complying with these precautions, it is necessary to ensure that the wall carpet art are consistent with the rest of the d├ęcor, both in terms of the materials used and the colours and styles. As a whole, the wall carpet should blend harmoniously with all surrounding elements, creating a harmoniously balanced visual effect.

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