Modern shape rug: how to incorporate it into a furniture design?

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Modern shape rug

Furnishing with a modern shape rug is a good idea whenever you want to lighten up the home atmosphere and add a personal touch to the space.

These uniquely shaped designer rugs brighten up rooms and make them unique with their bright colours and unusual, striking appearance.

What makes a modern shape rug stand out?

A modern shape rug immediately catches the eye due to its unconventional shapes and often also due to the colours chosen for their design.

In appearance, these carpets are very different from traditional designs, which generally have a geometric shape. Although there is no shortage of variations, including rectangular, square, round and oval pieces, the number of shapes referred to is limited. In modern carpets, on the other hand, the only limit is the imagination of the designers, who are always coming up with new solutions. 

What modern and traditional textile artefacts have in common, however, is the quality of the products. The fact that luxury carpets are produced in an artisanal manner and using carefully selected yarns ensures the production of an elegant product that is made to last and increases its value over time.

If you choose a modern shape rug, you must pay close attention to the choice of product colours. The fact that the unusual shape attracts attention means that the chosen colour combination is of great importance. Carpets with original shapes are often made from fibres dyed in bright, vibrant colours. Just as we have already seen with regard to shapes, modern carpets also offer more choices in terms of colours than traditional carpets.

Also not to be underestimated is the fact that the modern shape rug often offers a high degree of customisation . Many designers make themselves available to create customised products, adapting the dimensions or colours to the specific needs of customers, for example.

Modern shape rug

What are all the qualities of a modern shape rug?

Carpets with modern shapes are the winning choice if you need a versatile, original and design-intensive furnishing solution.

When you are considering buying modern shape rugs, you must first of all consider that they are extremely versatile products. Thanks to their variety of unconventional shapes and sizes, they are able to bring an original and intriguing look to a wide range of spaces and adapt to a variety of furnishing styles.

These carpets also often have an incredibly original design that is different from anything seen before. Adding a uniquely shaped and innovative-looking piece of furniture makes the carpet stand out and stand out in relation to other pieces of furniture, which generally have more canonical and recognisable shapes, even when they have a strong design content. 

As we mentioned earlier, it should be borne in mind that carpets with modern shapes are made from high-quality materials and with great attention to detail. The combination of these features makes these textiles true works of art that not only protect the floor, but also enhance the entire home environment. Choosing contemporary art carpets with modern shapes means investing in pieces of furniture that not only add beauty to the space, but also resist fashions and increase their value over time.

How to find the right design for a modern shape rug: top tips!

Modern shape rug

Finding the right carpet shape is crucial to achieving a great result. In order to be able to find the perfect modern artefact, there are many aspects to consider, but basically there are four main assessments to be made.

First of all, the size of the space to be furnished must be considered. In a large room, such as a living room or dining room, a carpet with a large modern shape and/or a bold design and colours can be placed. In smaller spaces, such as a bedroom or study, on the other hand, it is preferable to use smaller carpets with more discreet colours and shapes.

The second reasoning to do concerns the type of environment in which the carpet will be placed. In a living room often frequented by friends and family, one can dare with a designer piece with a very original shape and intense colours. In a bedroom, it is advisable to go for colours that encourage rest and relaxation and with a shape that harmonises well with the furniture.

Other aspects that influence the process of choosing a modern shape rug are one’s personal preferences and the style chosen for the furnishings in the home. The good news is that carpets with a modern design are able to meet all kinds of needs and fit naturally into spaces with clean, minimalist furniture as well as in rooms with a more eccentric and creative aesthetic.

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