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Area rugs for sale

The hardwood floors that you want to protect from children and pets. An unsightly rash or scar that you want to hide. If or need to add a little pizzazz and warmth to any other space, area rugs serve many purposes. This article will discuss area rugs for sale and where you should buy them.

Finding the perfect rug online can be difficult: from finding the right measurements for your room to judging the feel and color of the material by the screen. Because personal taste factors heavily into the area rugs for sale you ultimately choose, we’ve focused on our favorite area rug retailers rather than the individual rugs we love.

Our team members have experience with every retailer in our guide, so we can attest to the quality of the rugs they provide, the excellence of their customer service, and the intuitive user experiences of their websites. Learn more about how we test and researches home products.

Best place for area rugs for sale

There are thousands of different rugs available area rugs for sale, from entryway mats to large carpets for the living room. You can purchase them for anywhere between a few dollars and many thousand. Moroccan, Modern, and Shag are just a few examples of the many available styles.

I currently have two large living room-size rugs from Rugs in my apartment. They were stored and preserved in long boxes, wrapped in plastic wrap. They were a bit awkward, but some awkwardness is expected when shipping an 8-foot-by-10-foot rug.

Both rugs arrived in pristine condition—including the white one—so you won’t have to worry about your clean new rugs getting damaged in transit. They’ve stopped cat scratching, high heels, and several furniture organizations two years later.

Sally Caplin, the executive editor of Insider Reviews, also likes Nodusrug for its large selection. But because there are so many rugs featured, she recommends getting to know the layout so you don’t miss out on the perfect rug hidden on page 76.

Best area rugs on a budget

If you thought Rugs Nodusrug‘s selection of area rugs for sale was impressive, Nodusrugs blows it out of the water with nearly 300,000. But you’ll need to spend time sifting through a few sub-selections to find the right rug for your home.

Once again, making friends with sorting tools is essential. We especially like that you can adjust the stack height. You may also want to give user reviews a little more weight than usual. We don’t often recommend this because many user reviews can be fake or manipulated, but with such a vast catalog to sort through, they can be a handy tool to help you identify who. Carpets are high-quality choices and can be finished. Many rug styles are available in different sizes, so also make sure to check double the dimensions of what you’re buying. Wayfair has great prices, but don’t be fooled into buying a doormat-sized rug when you thought you were getting a room-sized rug. 

Best modern area rugs

We highly recommend the area rugs for sale at Nodusrug if you are willing to splurge to improve the look of your home. Their higher price tag is justified by the sleek and elegant appeal they bring to any room.

Many of their carpets are fair trade so you can shop confidently; look for the obvious mark next to the product as you scroll to know for sure. There’s another icon for hand-woven rugs; clicking it will take you to details on the weavers. A good touch, as it provides background information on the artisans you’re helping by making a purchase.

While I don’t have a rug from Nodusrug, I have quite a few other pieces of furniture and decor from the store, and I’ve been pleased with the quality and style of everything I’ve bought there.

Though Nodusrug’s reputation for selling faulty products has taken a hit in the past, the retailer appears to have addressed the issue within the last two years. Nodusrug offers a 30-day return policy and will give you a full refund if you’re not satisfied with your purchase (unless the item is no longer available, of course).

Best vintage rugs

Vintage carpets that are one-of-a-kind are a great way to make a room feel more personalized. Revival Rugs has sourced vintage handmade area rugs for sale straight from Turkey, Morocco, and India, saving you the trouble of combing flea markets or thrift stores for a hidden gem. It is not the most frugal choice, but luxury comes at a price.

Connie Chen, formerly of the New York Times, tested some Revival Rugs. Her favorite part was that the carpets weren’t in those long, awkward tubes but convenient boxes.

In her essay, she says, “You brought a sturdy cardboard box measuring 69 by 125 inches ($815) and equipped with convenient side handles to my doorstep to protect my new rug during delivery. When I took the rug out of the bag, there didn’t appear to be any major creases or folds.”

Revival claims it can save money and space on shipping by folding carpets instead of rolling them, which is why they can afford to give out free shipping. In the days after its unfolding, your rug should settle into its final, flat shape.

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