Custom size Oriental rugs: how to make the right choice for your needs?

custom rugs Aug 08.2022
Custom size Oriental rugs: how to make the right choice for your needs?

Choosing custom size oriental rugs means being able to have artifacts that can perfectly fit one’s reality, whether it is a home environment or a commercial space.

The customization of size and style are additional advantages, adding to the typical advantages of oriental rugs, such as their ability to create an elegant, warm and cozy atmosphere.

How to choose sizes for custom oriental rugs?

When it comes to Custom size Oriental rugs, the aspect that is most often worked on is the size of the pattern. If in design and colors, in fact, there are more constraints dictated by traditional workmanship and the use of typical symbols, on the level of size and shape one can act with more freedom and define the ideal rug size for each room in the house.

In deciding on the best shape of the rug, one must, of course, take into account the shape of the room, but also the decorating style being followed and the furniture that will be in the space. In the living room, the custom-made oriental rug may be placed in the area of the sofa or the dining table. In both cases, the dimensions of the piece should be customized, to make sure that the fabric covers the area occupied by the table and chairs or the sofas, small tables and armchairs.

For the bedroom, you can ask for a large custom-made rug that takes up the entire area of the bed or opt for side bed runners, which are less bulky and more versatile.

With the help of designers and interior decorators, it will also be possible to identify the best shape to give the oriental rug. While the rectangular shape is ideal for large rugs and for rooms in which you want to create an elegant and traditional atmosphere, alternative shapes should be considered very carefully when you want a more original result.

A square or round rug, for example, might be a good idea to enhance a particular area of the room, while abstract-shaped patterns are an option to consider if you want to focus on the contrast between traditional and modern.

Custom size Oriental rugs: how to make the right choice for your needs?

Custom size Oriental rugsin the traditional style

With a set of Custom size Oriental rugs, homes furnished in a classic or ethnic style can acquire a very special touch. The intense colors and elaborate patterns of Persian, Turkmen or Chinese rugs will enhance the look of the room and emphasize the elegance of the lines of the furniture.

Once you have identified the best style for the room and the most suitable decorations for the home environment, you can proceed with establishing all the details of the project. It starts with choosing the materials to be used for the carpet, moves on to identifying the colors best suited to achieve the desired goal, and finally ends with checking that everything is consistent with the context.

The process should be repeated for all the carpets you want to customize. Typically, one opts for Custom size Oriental rugs for the living room and bedroom furniture, but one can also order custom runners for the hallways and kitchen and rugs for the outdoors.

Custom size Oriental rugs in a modern style

Thanks to customization, starting with a classic oriental rug it is possible to create original solutions by mixing elements of tradition with more contemporary elements. An example in this regard are rugs made with the typical design of oriental rugs but with abstract shapes.

An alternative option are rugs that feature the traditional patterns of Oriental artifacts but are made with color schemes that deviate from tradition. Instead of using wool fibers dyed with colors derived from plants and other natural elements, as has been done for centuries in the countries of the East, one can use fibers dyed with colors of chemical origin. This solution gives a more intense and, in some cases, longer-lasting result. The range of colors available is particularly wide, up to and including fluorescent and pop shades.

Being able to customize the design, colors and materials used for the rugs is a huge advantage for those who have chosen to furnish their homes with Custom size Oriental rugs. In this way, you can put a rug in every room that is always perfectly in line with the result you want to achieve. It is a fact that the versatility of Custom size Oriental rugs and the many options to consider allow you to successfully furnish both traditional and modern style rooms.

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