The rug tailored for your boat: guide to choice

custom rugs Aug 19.2021

The rug tailored for your boat guide to choice

Those who love to go boating know well how important it is to be able to count on a comfortable and aesthetically beautiful rug. The boats, whether it is a small pleasure craft or a boat of imposing dimensions, have special characteristics that a custom-made carpet can interpret and enhance in a unique way.

What are the advantages of a custom-made rug for the boat?

Even more than at home, on a boat the presence of a high quality rug is of great importance. While in the house, in fact, the carpet has a primarily decorative function, in an environment like that of the boat the carpet helps to make it much more comfortable stay on board.

When boating, a luxury rug reduces the risk of slipping on wet floors. The fabric of the carpet increases grip, whether you choose to walk barefoot or wear boat shoes. Proper carpet placement is just as important to increase safety. When arranging the carpet in the different rooms inside the boat, you need to make sure that the surface is well spread out and that there is no danger of the carpet rolling up. Choosing custom-made luxury rugs increases the safety of boat users and ensures excellent durability, as the materials are carefully selected to best suit the environment. Placing a non-slip mat at the base is another measure that helps to increase the stability of the carpet.

The boat has very different characteristics than a house and you must take this into account when choosing the model of carpet. In addition to the size of the space, which is often uneven and spread over several levels, you need to consider the fact that it is a wet environment.

The chances of the carpet getting wet with sea water are very high. Carpets laid on air-exposed surfaces can also get wet in the event of rain or can be damaged by exposure to the sun. Choosing a luxury rug reduces both of these risks, because the quality of the raw materials and the care taken during the manufacturing process makes it possible to create safe and durable rugs. In fact, luxury rugs for boats are made from water repellent materials that undergo anti-UV treatments.

The rug tailored for your boat guide to choice

The ideal custom rug for boats

The presence of a rug on board of the boat is important not only for aesthetic reasons and to ensure greater safety to those present, but also to increase the sound insulation of the environments placed below deck.

In addition to ensuring excellent levels of resistance to moisture and sunlight, luxury custom rugs for boats allow you to customize the style and design of the product. The colors and patterns of the carpet can be freely chosen by the customer. However, it is advisable to choose colors and patterns that are capable of masking any stains and will not be damaged if they get wet.

In many cases, the design of carpets for boats recalls the colors and symbols of the maritime style. The most frequently used shades are white and blue, with designs that feature anchors, rudders and marine environments. Those who prefer a more sober design can opt for carpets with geometric patterns, which in some cases seem to reproduce the waves. In other cases, rugs are used that have a design inspired by that of the wooden planks that are traditionally used to make the floors of boat interiors.

Custom carpets with a personalized design can also be made. This solution is particularly useful for companies that need carpets with their own logo or for private customers who like to move in environments that reflect their tastes and personality as much as possible.

Designing a custom rug allows you to customize the size of the rug as much as possible. You can choose to cover the entire floor of the boat with the carpet, or only some parts of it. Unlike when furnishing a house, when furnishing boats there is often a need to use rugs with irregular shapes, able to adapt to the shape of the boat. Whatever the choice made, it is important to underline how a luxury rug is able to make unique and recognizable the interior spaces of boats of all sizes, from small motorboats to large yachts.

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