Wool floor rug: how to choose the ideal model for your interior design project?

Materials and techniques Apr 16.2024
Wool floor rug

A wool floor rug has the ability not only to make rooms warmer and more comfortable, but also boasts exceptional durability.

When choosing the right rug for your home, it is essential to consider not only the quality of the wool, but also the type of weaving, size and design of the specific item.

What are the main characteristics of a wool floor rug?

Wool floor rugs intended for placement on the floor are in many cases the best choice available to interior designers and decorators. In fact, wool offers many advantages, which can be exploited on both a practical and design level.

First of all, a wool floor rug insulates the space from a thermal and acoustic point of view. This means that placing wool artefacts on the floor  helps to keep the room warmer in winter and cooler in summer. In addition, wool fibres absorb vibrations and noise, dampening them and reducing room noise.

Using a woollen rug is also a good solution to be able to protect the floor from trampling and wear. In the case of antique or delicate floors that need special care, wool floor rugs are exceptionally effective.

This is certainly not the end of the story. Wool floor rugs are also appreciated for their incredible versatility. They are actually suitable for all interiors in the home and are available in such a wide range of designs that it is possible to find the perfect piece for every need.

In short, the strong decorative capacity of a wool  floor covering and its durability make it a successful choice. Consequently, when chosen with care, these textiles can be used for a very long time, without becoming damaged and without showing the signs of the passing years.

How do you find the right woollen floor covering for your interior design project?

There are four main aspects to consider in order to find the perfect wool floor rug for your space:

  • The type of flooring present in the room;
  • The type of room to be furnished;
  • The atmosphere you want to create in the space;
  • The structural characteristics of the space to be furnished.  

The first consideration to be made therefore concerns the type of floor. In particular, one must focus on its degree of delicacy and its appearance. An old, coloured cement floor, for example, needs to be protected by a thick, hard-wearing wool floor rug that has an essential design that does not overshadow it.

If there are modern wood or stoneware floors in the home, it is important to choose the right wool floor rug that matches the colour and style of the floor. In such cases, it is essential to find the right compromise between design and functionality.

After understanding the characteristics of the floor covering, we can move on to analysing the specifics of each room. While in the living area of the house the focus is primarily on functionality and durability, in the sleeping area one can make different considerations and focus more on aesthetics and design.

Wool floor rug

The atmosphere and the character one wants to give the space are other elements that should never be underestimated. In this sense, a wool floor rug for the floor can contribute to making the room warmer, more sophisticated, elegant or original.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind if there are particular aspects to be considered regarding the structure of the room. In some cases, for example, it is necessary to resort to a custom-made rug  or one with original shapes, so as to be able to furnish even rooms that have steps, columns or that have a particular width.

What is the best wool floor rug?

The absolute perfect wool floor rug does not exist, but you can still find products that exactly meet your furnishing needs. The secret lies in finding the model that, in terms of design, colour and style, fits ideally into the home or commercial space.

Although in most cases a woollen floor rug is made using the knotting technique, different models can also be considered, i.e. produced by tufting or weaving. Each of these techniques offers a different result and is suitable for different contexts. For example, while knotted rugs prove to be the most versatile and are perfect in any room of the house, tufted rugs are the warmest and softest and therefore ideal for bedrooms, while woven rugs are the lightest and most compact and therefore suitable for higher traffic areas.

Of course, also influencing the choice of a woollen floor covering is the design of the individual piece. From this point of view, one can go for oriental, antique or modern designs or for wool floor rugs that have been made in a contemporary or designer style.

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