Wall rugs: how to hang them in the house and how to treat them to preserve them at best

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Wall rugs: how to hang them in the house and how to treat them to preserve them at best

Decorating the walls of the house with valuable wall rugs is an original way to decorate the home environments. It is also an ideal system to enhance the value of this particular type of luxurious and special rugs, whether antique or contemporary.

The use of wall rugs has ancient origins. And it has been re-evaluated recently, because of its versatility and ability to bring out the most of the design of the rugs. For an optimal result, it is important to know and correctly apply the techniques for fixing the carpet to the wall, so as to treat it properly to preserve its beauty and value over time. 

What are the main reasons why it is worth choosing wall rugs?

Fixing the rugs to a wall of the room, instead of laying them on the floor, has several advantages. These advantages should be given due consideration by those who are called upon to decide what type of home decor to choose. 

The main advantage provided by wall-to-wall rugs is their ability to enhance the design of the carpet itself. This aspect is particularly relevant in case you are considering buying a model with a refined look and rich details. It is no coincidence that, traditionally, it was tapestries that were fixed to the wall. These drapes of fabric have real stories imprinted on the canvas and, looking at them carefully, you can read a story on them. For luxury rugs the same is true: the story told is the one testified by the use of specific traditional symbols of oriental culture. Alternatively, it is also witnessed by the artistic idea born from the creativity of contemporary designers. 

The most valuable wall rugs can also be seen as a great alternative to paintings. Luxury carpet thus becomes a work of art, which can be admired in all its beauty. Especially if you want to have a valuable or economically valuable rug in your home, fixing it to the wall is a good idea to prevent wear and tear and trampling from damaging the fibers or ruining the design. 

Choosing to fix a valuable rug, of any size, on a wall gives the room a cozy and lively look. The effect can be further amplified with a wise combination with furniture, accessories and textiles

Depending on the characteristics of the space to be furnished, the reasons for which you may decide to decorate the walls with a wall carpet may also change. In the corridors, for example, the use of wall rugs is an excellent idea to give personality to an empty and anonymous space. In the living room or bedroom, on the other hand, the luxury wall carpet can become the precious element that makes the space special and can be admired daily, from every possible angle.

Wall rugs: how to hang them in the house and how to treat them to preserve them at best

How should luxury rugs be fixed to the walls?

The most common technique, among those used to fix rugs to the walls, involves the use of a plexiglass panel and Velcro. To fix the rug, you will simply sew a strip of Velcro on the back, making sure that the seams are not visible on the weave of the rug. The layer of Velcro on the carpet will then be adhered to the other layer of Velcro, which is fixed on the plexiglass and secured to the wall. 

An alternative, more suitable for homes that have a classic or retro style, allows you to fix the rugs to the wall in the manner of curtains. The fixing is achieved through the use of a metal rod, in which rings are passed fixed to the carpet. This solution may be suitable for rugs that do not have a particular artistic value or for particularly bold interior design projects where you give free rein to experimentation.

Wall rugs: how to hang them in the house and how to treat them to preserve them at best

Other useful things to know if you need to treat wall-to-wall rugs 

For particularly valuable rugs or antique models, you may consider protecting the rug by exposing it behind a plexiglass panel. This solution can be useful in preserving the luxury rug from dust, especially if the model is in a busy room. 

When attaching rugs to walls, it is important to ensure that the weight of the rug is evenly distributed. Failure to do so may result in the rug becoming deformed and, in extreme cases, there may be tears or damage to the areas where the weight is being discharged. From this point of view, if you want to decorate the walls of your home with a luxury carpet, it is preferable to choose types of artifacts that have a thin and light structure. It can be small rugs or woven models such as kilims or dhurrie. 

For cleaning and maintenance of wall-hung rugs, similar recommendations apply as for floor rugs. Of course, valuable rugs attached to the walls will get less dirty. Therefore, it will suffice to proceed with a dry cleaning or a mixture of water and a mild detergent. This is done once or twice a year.

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