The best carpets made of natural materials

Materials and techniques May 08.2022

The best carpets made of natural materials

In modern interior design, great attention is paid to the search for natural materials for interior design. Also affected by what we could call a “green revolution” are luxury carpets.

So what are the best natural materials for carpets and what should be considered when choosing the material of this protagonist of the furniture?

Guide to natural materials for high value carpets

The list of natural materials with which you can make beautiful luxury carpets is very long. To simplify things, you can classify these materials into three groups, taking their origin as a reference:

– Materials of animal origin

– Materials of vegetable origin

– Synthetic materials obtained from natural fibers

Among the materials of animal origin, we find some of the most widely used fibers in the creation of carpets, such as wool and silk. We can also include leather carpets in this category, although they are less common than the other materials in the group.

Improperly, when we talk about natural materials we mean those of vegetable origin. These are fibers obtained from the processing of various components of plants: it can be the seeds, as in the case of cotton, the bark, as in the case of linen, or the leaves, as in the case of sisal. The group of fibers of vegetable origin is varied, also because it includes materials that have been known and used for centuries, such as cotton, but also fibers that have been exploited more recently for the production of carpets, such as coconut or bamboo.

The third group includes synthetic fibers produced from natural materials. The best known fiber among those belonging to this category is viscose, obtained from the processing of cellulose contained in various types of wood.

The best carpets made of natural materials

Why prefer a natural material for the carpet of your home?

Although with some differences, all natural materials allow you to get luxury carpets that are both solid and durable. Different yarns, made by putting together multiple threads, are easy to work with and are versatile. You can choose a single yarn to make the carpet or opt for a mix of fibers.

One of the most used mixes is wool and silk. Using two fibers at the same time is a good idea when you want to take advantage of the benefits of both materials, such as the strength and durability of wool and the luster of silk.

The growing interest in natural materials is also linked to the search for sustainable and environmentally friendly furniture solutions. Choosing fibers of vegetable origin allows us to pollute less, because, in the process of fiber processing, chemicals that can damage the environment are not used. And then because plant fibers allow you to create long-lasting and recyclable carpets.

Luxury rugs made from plant-based fibers such as jute, hemp and coconut often have a raw, natural look that fits well into eco-friendly furnishings, often designed with the goal of giving the family an eco-friendly footprint.

The best carpets made of natural materials

What are the best materials of natural origin for a luxury rug?

At this point, it is fair to ask what might be the best material to use when making a high value rug. The best answer that can be given to this question is: it depends.

In order to choose the material of the carpet, it is necessary to start from the needs that this element of home furnishings must satisfy. So what? A luxury carpet is, at the same time, a decorative element of the environment and a functional piece of furniture.

If you need a purely decorative element, the best natural carpets will probably be those made from dyed fibers. Carpets made of wool or cotton, for example, allow the creation of very elaborate designs and in various styles, starting from the typical oriental designs up to abstract and contemporary carpets.

Those who want a more original rug can consider models made with less common fibers, but which guarantee excellent results both in terms of aesthetics and performance. Bamboo silk and banana silk are excellent examples in this sense. Both materials have a bright finish, are soft and durable and, what is increasingly appreciated, are environmentally friendly and biodegradable.

Identifying the best luxury carpet materials for your home requires a minimum of research and thought. Starting with your own goals and desires, you will be able to select the materials that have the properties and aesthetic characteristics best suited for your project.

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