Why choose a luxury geometric design rug for your home

Luxury rugs Apr 14.2021

Why choose a luxury geometric design rug for your home

Geometric luxury rugs are among the most versatile designs of all. Geometric lines and shapes can be combined in many different ways. This allows you to create carpets with an understated elegance, as well as more original designs that are suitable for contemporary living.

Harness the relaxing power of geometric shapes

Geometric designs, more than abstract ones, can convey a feeling of calm and order. It goes without saying that luxury carpets with a geometric design are perfect for any context where you want to breathe in a calming atmosphere that promotes concentration.

The rigour of straight lines and square geometric shapes, combined with the fluidity of circles and curved lines, uniquely characterise the room and can easily be combined with other furnishings for total customisation.

In a living room, the design of the carpet can be enhanced by the use of a low table with a consistent shape. The dynamism of a geometric pattern can also be used to define a section of the room, such as the reading corner or the TV area.

The geometric carpet can be interpreted in a thousand different ways. The Scandinavian style is interpreted in a simple way. The Scandinavian style is based on light colours, a palette inspired by the colours of the earth and nature, and the use of thin lines that run parallel or cross each other.

Even though the design is not very elaborate, thanks to its geometry, a Scandinavian carpet can decorate any room in the house with great personality. In addition, it is suitable for both modern and classic interiors.

The furnishing style that is combined with geometric carpets has a great influence on the atmosphere in the home. Geometric carpets in neutral colours and with a pattern using simple geometric shapes, when placed in a classic environment, will emphasise the orderliness and cleanliness of the furnishings. The same rugs, when placed in an environment with colourful and design furniture, will convey the idea of an informal and cheerful space. The versatility is therefore very wide.

How do you incorporate a geometric carpet into your home?

In the different rooms of your home, you can combine geometric shapes and colours in an original way. The aim is to enhance the desired feelings. The combination with other furnishing elements such as cushions, curtains, wall colours or wallpapers helps to amplify the result and create balance and harmony.

The living room is a central room in the home, the protagonist of everyday life and social occasions. In this area of the home, you can be daring with luxury rugs that have unusual shapes and use geometry to create a unique design. A striped carpet is the ideal complement to balance an environment furnished with design solutions, while a carpet with a graphic pattern can become the main protagonist of the furnishings, especially if it is underlined by the use of cushions and textiles that recall the pattern and colours.

In bedrooms, it is a good idea to focus on colour palettes that promote rest and inspire well-being and calm. To make the most of the geometric design of the products, it is preferable to place luxury carpets as bedside rugs or at the foot of the bed. In the children’s or teenagers’ room, the carpet can become an ally in the play area. Or it can be used to make the study area more colourful and comfortable.

Luxury geometric rugs are also great options for giving movement and personality to the entrance area or hallways. These transitional spaces often tend to be anonymous and difficult to enhance. Inserting a carpet with a wave design and bright colours brings colour and dynamism to the room. It immediately improves the atmosphere. Choosing light colours, which brighten up the room, can also be a great way to brighten up these spaces.

Geometrical shapes have always inspired the creativity of carpet craftsmen and designers. Lines and symmetries are the protagonists of Berber and Turkmen carpets. If you prefer a modern style in your home, you can opt for Scandinavian rugs or design solutions that play with overlapping and juxtapositions of geometric shapes of different types and sizes. Whichever design you choose, carefully selecting the range of colours and their intensity allows a geometric luxury carpet to furnish the various rooms in the house with personality. This makes the home truly unique and increases its prestige.

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