Should rug match wall colour ?

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Should rug match wall colour

Should rug match wall colour ? Good question, isn’t it? Let’s start by saying that when it comes to choosing the colour palette of carpets, one of the first questions one asks is whether or not, Should rug match wall colour

In order to make the right decision, it is essential to make several considerations, which are related both to the interior design of the house and to one’s personal preferences.

How to choose the right carpet and wall colours?

Should rug match wall colour ? The design and colours of artefacts can have a very strong impact on the overall appearance of a room and can help create a harmonious and welcoming environment.

When choosing which carpets to include in the home, it is therefore essential to consider the colour of the walls of the different rooms. In this sense, there are three approaches to be taken into account: one can choose colours that are in harmony with each other, contrasting shades or complementary nuances.

If a harmonious result is to be achieved through interior design, it is advisable to opt for carpets that share similar shades to those on the walls. This choice has the advantage of creating an effect that is relaxing and uniform and makes the room visually pleasing and well coordinated. In a room furnished in a modern style, with walls painted in neutral tones such as beige or grey, the most natural choice is to add carpets in similarly neutral colours, so that the room looks cohesive.

Those who prefer a bolder style can consider adding carpets in contrasting colours to the space. Selecting designs with shades that clearly stand out from the wall colours creates a break that gives the room character and makes the individual textile stand out. If you go this route, for example, you can combine a floral carpet  or an Oriental carpet in a room with white walls, or an abstract design in a room where there is wallpaper in neutral tones. 

An intermediate solution between these two approaches? It is the one where complementary colours are used between the carpet and the walls. In this case, the result is quite sophisticated and definitely intriguing, provided that the intensity of the colours is properly balanced.

Should rug match wall colour

When can carpets be matched to wall colours?

Should rug match wall colour ? Yes, as long as…

When it comes to choosing which colours to use for carpets to match the colours on the walls, it is very important to keep in mind the type of room you are decorating. In common areas of the house, such as the living room, it is preferable to use warm tones so that the overall atmosphere is cosy. In bedrooms, on the other hand, it is advisable to use relaxing colours, which can invite rest and tranquillity.

As a general rule, matching carpet and wall colours is a smart choice, especially in settings furnished in a contemporary style, where neutral colours and pastel shades are the dominant tones. In such an environment, placing carpets in light shades not only recalls the colour used for the walls, but also helps to create an airy and harmonious ambience.

Depending on the desired aesthetic result, one can experiment with different carpet textures and opt for hand-knotted, woven or tafted patterns. As far as design is concerned, one can range from oriental worn-effect rugs to abstract ones, considering different options.

It doesn’t end there. You can decide to match the colour of the carpet to the colour of the walls either with painted walls or wallpaper. The many possible solutions make it possible to find the perfect combination for every room by combining textures and decorative motifs.

When can contrasting carpets and walls be preferred?

Should rug match wall colour

Should rug match wall colour ? Not if you fall into one of these cases.

It is not always the case that matching the colour of the carpets with the colour of the walls is the best possible choice. Sometimes, in fact, even in a contemporary environment, a better result can be achieved by opting for contrasting shades, with a more or less clear dissonance.

If the walls are white or in light colours, for example, inserting a carpet in intense tones can bring out the appearance of the floor decoration and make it the protagonist of the interior design. A good contrast between the artefact and the walls can also help to enhance the lines of the furniture in the room and give the room a unique personality.

When choosing how to combine carpet and wall colours, it is necessary to consider what final effect you want to achieve, but also to take into account your personal preferences. Thanks to the availability of various decorative solutions for both walls and floors, a well-balanced and perfect result can be achieved in every room, so that the strengths of each location can be enhanced.

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