Rug by size: everything you need to know to choose correctly

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Rug by size

Finding the ideal luxury rug can be time-consuming, as a long list of features has to be analysed and evaluated. In particular, the size of the product is one of the aspects to be taken into consideration.

From this point of view, the choice essentially falls between standard and customised size models. It follows that knowing the classification of a product according to size can simplify the identification of the best models, because it helps to identify the pros and cons of each solution.

Below, Nodus offers its own step-by-step guide to choosing a rug by size. Happy reading!

Rug by size. Yes, but how to make the right choice?

To be able to find the optimal size of rug for your home, there are several considerations to be made. Firstly, the type of room and size of the space to be furnished must be taken into account.

Having done this, one must consider the area in which one wants to place the individual piece. In particular, the width of the space, its brightness and the possible presence of other furnishing elements that will be close to the piece or that will be combined with the rug itself must be analysed.

Also guiding the choice of Rug by size are the requirements that the product must fulfil. If one is looking for a piece that can improve the living comfort of the room, large size models will be preferred, while if one only wants to add a touch of colour one can go for small and medium size rugs.

Choosing a rug by size should not obscure the importance of ensuring that a balanced and harmonious result is created between the textile and the other furnishings. The individual product should be consistent with the furnishing style of the room and, more generally, of the home. But this is not enough: it should also blend well with the lines of the furniture and the colours in the room.

What are the most common standard dimensions for rugs?

When choosing a rug by size for furnishing, it is useful to know the standard dimensions available. As we have already mentioned, in order to find the right size for every room in the home, one must consider the specifics of the area where the rug will be placed and its shape.

Those who prefer the practicality offered by standard size rugs can bear in mind the following general indications, which take into account the most common sizes that are distinguished between rectangular, square and round rugs .

Rug by size

The standard dimensions of rectangular rugs

The most common rectangular pieces you can choose from have the following dimensions:

– 120×180 cm: ideal for entrances or small passageways or to be placed partially under the bed in rooms.

– 160×230 cm: perfect for the living room, under the coffee table or sofa or in the bedroom, as they occupy the mattress area and leave space at the sides.

– 200×300 cm: excellent for covering large areas of the living room, creating a cohesive area with sofas and armchairs, for open-plan rooms and very large bedrooms.

The standard dimensions of square rugs

Those who prefer the sharp lines of square rugs can choose from models:

– 100 to 150 cm: suitable for bringing a touch of colour to a small space in the home or to be placed under a coffee table, next to an ottoman or armchair.

– 200 to 300 cm: perfect for defining and giving a sense of dynamism to large open spaces

Standard sizes of round rugs

For home furnishing, you can choose small, medium or large round rugs from:

– 80 or 100 cm in diameter: perfect to delimit a reading corner, to define the area occupied by a coffee table or to make a seat placed in front of a wardrobe more comfortable.

– 120 or 150 cm in diameter: perfect for performing the same functions already seen for the small-format round rugs, but more suitable in large spaces or with minimal furniture.

– 150 or 200 cm diameter: these large format rugs are the right choice to match a round dining table or to be placed at the foot of a bed.

Rug by size

Rug by size: what choices do you make for customised items?

If you have special needs or want to deviate from the norm, you can consider custom-made rugs .

Standard sizes do not always meet your needs: in these cases, a custom-made rug may be the perfect choice. Typically, custom-made or custom-sized pieces are chosen when furnishing rooms with unusual characteristics, such as rooms with irregular shapes or spaces with unusual proportions.

Custom-made rugs allow for total control over size and shape, fitting perfectly into the available space. You can start with the traditional distinction between small, medium or large format products and adjust the size to suit your specific project, or you can opt for a completely original product designed specifically for your space.

That is all there is to say about rug by size. Now it is up to you to make the right furniture choice by following this guide!

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