Living rooms with round rugs: best tips for designing them

DesignHome Apr 22.2024
Living rooms with round rugs

Aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to live with, living rooms with round rugs are an option to consider whether you prefer contemporary furniture or want to remain faithful to tradition.

The versatility of round rugs allows for a variety of solutions to suit the tastes and preferences of each customer.

Living rooms with round rugs: why make this furniture decision?

Living rooms with round rugs have a less clear-cut and rigorous appearance than those with rectangular or squared-off pieces. The absence of corners gives the room a feeling of softness and dynamism that proves advantageous in a number of circumstances.

Round rugs, for example, are an excellent solution if you want to bring this element of the decor into the centre of attention. The artefact in question can easily become the focal point of the living room, especially if you have chosen a pattern with a particular colour or texture. Rugs with three-dimensional textures, contemporary art patterns and abstract design patterns work very well for this purpose.

Versatility is another great strength of round rugs. Models of this type can furnish living rooms of various shapes and sizes, while still retaining their decorative capacity.

Round rugs can also be used to define the living room space. Especially if the room is very large, one can consider inserting one or more round pieces to delimit and characterise the different areas of use.

How to furnish the living room with one or more round rugs?

If you have decided to furnish a living room with round rugs, the first thing to establish is the number of pieces to be used. You can opt for a single rug, to be used in the table or sofa area, or for several rugs of different shapes and colours.

By placing several rugs in the room, one can turn this piece of furniture into the main protagonist of the scene. By selecting plain pieces in different colours, one can recreate the colour palette used in the rest of the house, for example. You can also decide on rugs with different decorative patterns, to be distributed in various places in the living room.

Round rugs in the living room also lend themselves very well to the overlapping technique. In this case, round pieces can be used as a base, on which a smaller rug of any other shape can be placed, or as a rug that overlaps another larger pattern, whether rectangular, square or also round.

These few examples are enough to make it clear how important it is to ensure that there is a good balance between rugs, furniture and accessories. Only in this way is it possible to be in a cosy and pleasant environment. This is one of the main pieces of advice that can be given to those who have to furnish living rooms with round rugs.

Another aspect to be taken into account is the material from which the round rugs used in living rooms are made. There are several choices that can be made and they have as much to do with the aesthetic result one wants to achieve as with the atmosphere one wants to give the room.

Rugs made of wool are the best choice if you want to be in a warm environment, while rugs made of materials of vegetable origin are excellent for homes furnished in a natural style and where attention is paid to the sustainability of the furnishings.

The advice Nodus can give on living rooms with round rugs certainly does not end here. In fact, in the next paragraph, we will talk about how to make the choice of the ideal product depending on the different variables involved.

Living rooms with round rugs

What is the ideal type of round carpet for a living room?

Depending on the type of carpet chosen, living rooms with round rugs can appear more or less large or more or less warm.

In small living rooms, it is important to choose an artefact that is well proportioned with the rest of the room so that it does not convey a suffocating feeling. Conversely, in a very large room it is important to avoid the carpet taking second place to the other furnishings.

When furnishing the living room, the decorative capacity of small-format round rugs can be exploited to accentuate a particular area. This can be a corner that you want to focus on or an area that leads to another room in the house. It makes no difference.

Large-format round rugs, on the other hand, are the ideal choice if you want to make this furnishing element the focal point of the room. Depending on how you have decided to structure your interior design project, you can place the single piece in the centre of the room, in the sofa area or more off-centre.

One last tip for designing living rooms with round rugs. To achieve a good result, it is always essential to check that the rugs chosen are consistent with the style in which the living room is furnished. Contemporary living rooms are the ones that leave the most options, but beautiful rooms can also be created with more traditional, rustic or vintage furniture.

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