How to clean luxury silk rugs [Guide to cleaning luxury silk rugs]

Luxury rugs Dec 20.2021

How to clean luxury silk rugs [Guide to cleaning luxury silk rugs]

How to clean luxury silk rugs? Let’s start by saying that silk is the most valuable material used in the production of luxury rugs.

In ancient times, the production of luxury silk rugs was particularly concentrated in China, where the most exclusive models were used to furnish the emperor’s residences. Even today, silk is a material that communicates wealth, power, elegance and exclusivity. The fibres of this material are as beautiful as they are delicate, and it is important to know how to clean luxury silk rugs in order to preserve their beauty and durability.

What to know about how to best care for high quality silk rugs

Hand-knotted silk rugs are made according to the traditional rug-making technique. Each rug consists of millions of very fine knots, made from a precious and delicate material. The result is very elegant rugs that require constant care and maintenance.

In order to remove the dust that settles between the fibres during the daily use of a silk rug, it is important to use gentle tools that do not risk hooking and tearing the threads of the fabric. Strong shaking of the rug can also cause damage to the knots. For this reason, the use of rug beaters for cleaning should be avoided.

Aggressive detergents, bleach and cleaning agents containing chlorine should also be avoided. These substances can cause discolouration of the rug or even deeper damage to the structure of the silk fibres, which can deteriorate and tear in the long run. So much for cleaning!

The lustre and delicacy of the silk fibres should be preserved by placing the rug in areas of the house with little traffic and in dry areas. Humidity is one of the main enemies of silk which, unlike wool, is hygroscopic. In humid environments, silk is in fact at risk of rapid deterioration. There is also a risk of mould forming. For this reason, it is important not only to make sure that the room is sufficiently dry, but also that if liquids are accidentally spilled on the rug, the rug is cleaned immediately and allowed to dry completely before being put back in place.

It is important that the rug dries in the air and that no hot air from a hair dryer or heater, for example, is used. Excessive heat can damage the silk and ruin the surface of the rug.

How to clean luxury silk rugs [Guide to cleaning luxury silk rugs]

What cleaning methods should be used on silk rugs?

For the basic cleaning of the rug, you can use a gentle broom or a hoover with a soft brush. In addition to checking the brush, if you use a hoover you should also adjust the suction speed, making sure that it is not too high.

Due to their delicate nature, it is not recommended to place luxury silk rugs in busy areas of the home such as the entrance hall, living room or hallways. The best places in the house to enjoy silk rugs are therefore the bedrooms and the living room, provided that dinners and parties with many guests are not often organised. Placing the rug in rooms with little traffic reduces the risk of soiling the rug. With a routine cleaning once a week, you can maintain a very good level of cleanliness. This will preserve the quality of your luxury rug.

If you need a much deeper cleaning, you can use the dry cleaning method, which involves the use of baking soda. How is this done? Simply distribute the baking soda on the silk rug, leave the powder on for one or two hours and then vacuum out the residue. As well as sanitising the surface of the rug, this cleaning method is also great for removing odours.

If you prefer washing with water, you can use tonic water instead, and dab it gently over the entire rug surface. Or you can choose a solution of water and vinegar. These cleaning methods are ideal if the silk rug has small stains or if you want to revive the lustre of the rug by removing dust and dirt that has become trapped in the fibres.

Another tip. When washing with water, as well as making delicate movements and not rubbing the rug with abrasive sponges, you must be careful to let the rug dry perfectly, to avoid the formation of mould or fungus.

How to clean luxury silk rugs [Guide to cleaning luxury silk rugs]

How to wash a silk rug in case of stains

Treating stains early and correctly helps to avoid permanent damage to the rug. When cleaning rugs made of silk, the general rules for cleaning luxury rugs in general apply. In order to avoid enlarging the stain, it should not be rubbed out but the substance that has fallen onto the rug should be blotted with absorbent paper or a gentle sponge. If necessary, a damp cloth can be used to soften the stain and help remove it.

In the case of difficult stains, such as greasy stains, or dry stains, professional cleaning is the best solution. There are cases where a silk rug needs to be washed with special tools.

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