Hallway runners made to measure: a guide to choosing the most suitable model

Sep 15.2022
Hallway runners made to measure

Hallways are among the most difficult spaces in the home to furnish. They usually have a long, narrow shape and it is difficult to find ready-made carpets that fit the space perfectly. For an optimal result, the solution is to rely on made-to-measure runners.

Thanks to customised design, hallway runners made to measure can be obtained in the perfect size and style for your home.

What features do hallway runners made to measure have?

Finding the right size for a hallway runner is the most important aspect of all. With a made-to-measure runner, you can be sure that there is the perfect amount of space on either side of the carpet and that, overall, the corridor does not appear too full or too empty. When assessing the right size of the runner for the corridor, the possible presence of doors opening into the corridor, curved walls or other structural constraints should also be considered.

Wool is undoubtedly the most commonly used material for custom-made corridor runners. The preference for this material is due to its resistance, but also to its versatility. Wool is perfect for decorating the busiest hallways in the home, but is warm and stain-proof even in the most hidden corridors.

Those who live in a large villa or a country house where there are several corridors may also consider choosing wool runners for the busiest areas of the house. On the other hand, they may opt for cotton, jute or sisal runners for corridors where people pass by less frequently.

When choosing the styles and colours to be used for hallway runners made to measurefor corridors, one must naturally take into account the characteristics of the furnishings in the rest of the house. In addition, one must consider what role one wants to give the corridor. If you want the corridor to be a sober and neutral space, then it is advisable to opt for plain-coloured runners or with simple geometric patterns. Conversely, if you want to make the corridor the star of the decor, you can choose runners with graphic prints or elaborate patterns.

Hallway runners made to measure

What are the ideal designs for customised hallway runners?

Choosing the perfect design for hallway runners made to measure is not as simple as it may seem at first glance. Before being convinced by a particular design, it is indeed essential to make several evaluations in order to arrive at the best style and colours to be used to decorate the individual hallway.

First of all, the location of the specific corridor must be considered: is it the corridor that connects the living area with the sleeping area or the one that starts from the entrance and continues towards the living room and the kitchen? And again: does the corridor start at the bottom of a staircase or does it connect rooms enclosed by doors? Is it a corridor directed towards the outside of the house or is it a space that serves to connect rooms that are not frequently visited? Asking yourself these kinds of questions helps to clarify the role of the corridor and to really understand what you need.

Once all these aspects have been considered, one can move on to assessing the dimensions of the made-to-measure corridor runner and the furnishing styles one prefers. When choosing the furnishing style, one can be inspired by those already present in the home or make a different decision. Again, you can choose to give harmony to all the corridors in the house, choosing one style to use for all the made-to-measure runners, or you can decide to customise each space, making original choices for each room.

Hallway runners made to measure

What should you pay attention to when decorating corridors with made-to-measure runners?

Ensuring that there is a certain harmony between the carpets used for corridors and the furnishings in neighbouring rooms is always of the utmost importance. Because this scrupulousness contributes to a cosy and comfortable ambience.

Custom-made Oriental-style runners are an excellent solution for classically furnished homes or when you want to give an ethnic or exotic touch to the space. Customised plain runners, on the other hand, are a flexible solution that suits both classic and modern homes. To give personality to hallways, customised runners with geometric patterns can also be used.

In any case, from the simplest to the most elaborate patterns, it is easy to find the most suitable solution for each situation. Another example of how many possibilities exist? Here it is. With hallway runners made to measure in abstract designs, one can effortlessly furnish homes for which one has chosen a young, contemporary interior design project.

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