Modern living room rugs: how to make the right choice for your project?

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Modern living room rugs

Using the right modern living room rugs helps to enhance the furnishings in the living area of your home and create a pleasant living environment.

Carefully planning the design of high-quality rugs helps to enhance the lines of the furniture and complete the interior design project with a furnishing element that fits in perfectly with the furniture and accessories. Indeed, in addition to being an indispensable decorative element, a luxury artefact also serves to protect the floor and provides good thermal and acoustic insulation.

How to furnish a modern living room with luxury carpets?

In interior design projects that focus on modern furniture, the focus is on the functionality of the furniture and the rooms. In the living area, this principle translates into the search for furniture and accessories that are practical to use, without too much decoration and with a defined character.

Modern living rooms are characterised by few pieces of furniture, mostly with essential and simple lines. Simplicity also guides the choice of materials to be used for modern living room furniture. One of the main protagonists is wood, often proposed with natural finishes and in delicate colours. Other materials that are often found in textiles and home accessories are natural fabrics: jute, hemp and cotton have countless uses and can be used to customise spaces.

In such a context, carpets of high and very high quality can make all the difference, turning a living room into a cover example for an interior design magazine.

Those who are called upon to furnish a modern living room with carpets can see this room of the house as a kind of blank sheet of paper on which they can experiment with colours, shapes and design.

Modern living room rugs

What aspects should be considered when choosing Modern living room rugs?

The first aspect to consider when choosing the right carpet for a modern living room  is the size of the product. Even before arriving at the calculation of the ideal size, it is necessary to decide where to place the carpet: for models placed under the table, under the sofa or under furniture, it is necessary to take the measurements correctly and make sure that the piece is large enough and that there is a sufficient space between the carpet and the wall.

To achieve a harmonious and visually pleasing result, it is also necessary to define the style to be given to the luxury carpet. There are many solutions that are well suited to modern style furnishings. Depending on the type of result you want to achieve, you can opt for a contemporary art rug, a Scandinavian style rug or a piece with graphic prints. The possibilities are truly numerous.

In particular, when choosing Modern living room rugs, one must never lose sight of the ultimate goal of the interior design project. In this sense, the carpet not infrequently even becomes the right element to renew the look of an already furnished living room. In such cases, it is a good idea to focus on rug models with a strong visual impact, which are able to make a strong impression on the entire interior design.

Modern living room rugs

What are the ideal characteristics of Modern living room rugs?

As a rule, modern living room furniture is very versatile, which makes it possible to customise it by choosing different types of carpets, even resorting to made-to-measure designs.

The choice of design is a very delicate moment: it influences the look of the room and makes a big contribution in defining the personality of the living room. A simple plain-coloured design or one with a geometric pattern is the right solution if you want to convey a passion for minimalism and essentiality to the outside world. In contrast, an artistic and abstract design will put the carpet centre stage and communicate attention to original and impactful solutions.

In a modern living room, luxury wool carpets, hand-knotted cotton carpets or carpets made of natural materials such as jute, hemp, linen and sisal can be used indifferently. All of these materials give the rugs excellent durability and an appearance that is well suited to modern furnishings.

Those who wish to furnish their contemporary living room with original carpets can also act on the shape of the artefacts themselves. In fact, in addition to the classic rectangular or round shapes, one can decide on a large oval rug, to be placed under the table, or on a rug with an abstract shape, to be placed under the sofa.

Modern living room rugs can also be used by layering them on top of each other. This is the so-called layer look decorating technique, which allows you to create an original and easily customisable result and at the same time helps to enhance both the characteristics of the furniture and the rugs themselves.

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