Limited edition rugs: the step-by-step guide

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Limited edition rugs: the step-by-step guide

Furnishing with limited edition rugs means being able to give a unique and special character to home environments.

Rugs that are part of limited-edition collections are often creations that have considerable value, both for the quality of the materials used and for their artistic content. These are designs that immediately catch the eye and deserve to have a prominent place within the target room.

What are the reasons for choosing a limited edition rug?

Usually, those who choose one or more limited edition rugs for their home are driven by the desire to secure an object that is, at the same time, a piece of furniture and a work of art. Carpets that become part of a limited edition are models that have a high value from an artistic point of view. They may be rugs created by several designers or a special collection, created by one designer, around a specific concept or thread.

So, limited edition rugs are not just rugs, but real art objects, telling a story. Through the analysis of the materials used, the choices made by the designer and the appearance of the rug, it is possible to capture the different elements of this narrative and give it its own interpretation, also based on the relationship that arises between the rug and the rest of the furniture.

What distinguishes a limited edition rug from other contemporary art rugs or modern designs is the even more direct involvement of the designer. In many cases, these are one-of-a-kind pieces or artifacts produced in a small number, concretizing a specific idea of the person who designed them.

The use of high-quality materials and handcrafted techniques ensures the durability and solidity of limited edition rugs. In addition to home environments, rugs that are part of a limited edition collection could also find a place in work environments or public spaces. We refer, for example, to offices, hotels, or boutiques.

Limited edition rugs: the step-by-step guide

What choices to make to enhance the value of limited edition rugs?

Whether it is an office or a home, it is important for the interior designer to put the limited-edition rug at center stage. Indeed, the artistic and intrinsic value of the pattern deserves to take center stage and stand out appropriately in the overall scheme.

To make the rug stand out within the room, it may be a good solution to furnish the room from the rug itself. If the rug is usually chosen later, going in search of a model that ensures harmony with the furniture and is consistent with the pre-existing style, when called upon to furnish with a limited edition rug the perspective changes.

The ideal workflow starts with choosing the rug and continues with defining the style to be given to the room. The puzzle will have to be put together piece by piece, and through color matching and the use of stylistic accents, a room with a unique personality will be created.

The furniture and accessories will have to be chosen in a way that brings out the peculiarities of the rug: its shape, its colors, and the design as a whole. In most cases, it is preferable for the artifact to be placed in the center of the room or at least at a certain distance from the furniture, in order to avoid the proximity to the furniture.

Limited edition rugs: the step-by-step guide

The Limited Edition Collection of Nodus

Nodus also offers a selection of limited edition rugs. The Limited Edition collection is constantly being renewed to offer new ideas to those who wish to furnish their homes in a special way.

Within the collection it is possible to find rugs with canonical shapes, such as rectangular and round rugs, but also rugs with original shapes, inspired by elements of nature or abstract. Even in colors and designs the variety is remarkable: between monochromatic carpets, patterns with geometric patterns and proposals that almost resemble embroidery due to the richness of the details, everyone can find the artifact that comes closest to their desires.

One can also appreciate the designers’ creativity by considering the materials and processing techniques used. Besides the classic hand-knotted wool rugs, it is possible to find tafted or woven wool rugs, as well as limited edition rugs made of metallic fibers, bamboo silk or with resin inserts.

Nodus’ Limited Edition collection takes the concepts of research, innovation and craftsmanship to the extreme. Each of Nodus’ luxury rugs will be able to add a special touch to the room, making it even more prestigious and cozy.

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