Living room rugs: guide to choosing a luxury rug for living rooms

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Living room rugs guide to choosing a luxury rug for living rooms

Carpets in living rooms have the power to change the face of the room and make the decor unique. Carefully choose the carpet helps to define the space and gives the room a warm and cozy look, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by family members and guests.

10 tips on how to choose rugs for the living room

It is not enough to have in mind to choose a luxury carpet. The living room is a special room, which has equally special needs. So here is our decalogue of tips on how to choose the most suitable living room rug for the specific decor.

1. When to choose the rug?

There is no such thing as a perfect moment for choosing a living room rug. Generally speaking, we can identify two different approaches: you can decide to start from the choice of the rug model and then build the rest of the furniture around this element. Or, on the contrary, you can decide to select only at the end the carpet, identifying a model that ensures a good balance with the colors and style of the furniture and other accessories chosen to furnish the room. The first solution is advisable if you want a living room rug with a special look or if you have requested a custom design model.

2. How does the living room rug relate to the furniture?

Regardless of the order in which the design and style of the furniture and carpets were chosen, it is important to check that the combination of the furniture and carpets works perfectly. Depending on the size of the living room and interior design choices, the carpet can be placed below the furniture or more isolated. In addition, in the living room we can find a single rug, usually large, or a set of rugs, used to visually delimit different areas of the room or used stacked on top of each other.

3. What is the role of the rug in the room?

To find the perfect living room rug, it is essential to understand what role it will play in the room. In a large living room, the rug may have mainly a decorative or functional function. In the first case, you can go for designer rugs with intense colors or special workmanship, while in the second case it is preferable to focus more on the qualities of the carpet, without putting the focus on aesthetics.

4. Is there a good contrast between the carpet and the floor?

The floor is another important protagonist of the living room furniture. Floors and carpets can strengthen or weaken each other. It all depends on the choices that have been made. When selecting the carpet for the living room, it is good to check that the material and colors ensure a good contrast with the floor and that the result of their combination is harmonious.

5. How does the living room relate to other spaces in the house?

When choosing carpets for home furnishing, you should not consider the living areas as independent islands. On the contrary, only by taking into account the relationships that exist between the different rooms in the house can you achieve a perfect result. In the case of the living room, it is important to check what are the adjoining rooms and what are the characteristics of each. From this point of view, you can choose living room carpets that provide continuity with the other rooms of the house. Or you can opt for artifacts that give a distinctive character to the living room.

Living room rugs guide to choosing a luxury rug for living rooms

6. What is the ideal size of living room rugs?

The right size for the living room carpet should be calculated based on the size and shape of the room. The general rule of thumb is that the luxury carpet should have the same shape as the room. However, no one prohibits you from making a different choice and decorate the living room with a circular, oval or irregular shaped carpet.

7. What material to choose for the living room rug?

As this is one of the busiest rooms in the house, it is preferable to choose a resistant material that requires little maintenance. Wool is the most common solution: its characteristics have been appreciated for thousands of years and its versatility allows you to create patterns of rugs of inestimable beauty.

8. What are the best colors for living room carpets?

When choosing a color, the style of the room’s furnishings plays an important role. Those who prefer a sober style and prefer to make prudent choices can focus on neutral tones and simple designs, perhaps with the use of geometric patterns. On the contrary, those who want to be daring can choose for their living room fine carpets with special workmanship and rich details, as happens in the oriental luxury carpets.

9. What technique should be used for the carpets in your living room?

The final appearance of the carpet also depends a lot on the processing technique used by the craftsmen who create it. For a salon, the best luxury carpets are hand-knotted carpets. They are so because they guarantee compactness and durability. In some cases, you can also resort to the carpets of kilim or dhurrie models.

10. What do you need to know about the maintenance of carpets in a living room?

If you choose to furnish your living room with a hand-knotted wool rug, there is no need for special maintenance. It will be enough to vacuum the carpet at least twice a week and resort to professional cleaning approximately once a year. To maintain the beauty of the carpet in the living room for a long time, it is advisable to avoid direct exposure to sunlight, while the use of a non-slip mat increases its safety.

So, this was our decalogue of tips for those who want to buy a carpet for the living room. These are tips that come from our direct experience in creating and selling luxury rugs for every type of home and decor.

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