How to choose the right luxury loft rugs

Luxury rugs May 13.2021

How to choose the right luxury loft rugs

Luxurious and modern, lofts are among the most desirable homes for lovers of interior design. Often the result of the renovation of old industrial spaces, lofts allow for a very high degree of personalisation of the furnishings. In this environment, carpets are able to express all their qualities, precisely defining the character of the loft and defining every space in the house.

Define loft spaces with luxury rugs

The most difficult thing about furnishing a large loft space is defining the boundaries between the different areas of the house. Since it is an open space, you cannot rely on the physical division between rooms provided by partition walls and you need to resort to solutions that provide a visual division.

Rugs are perfect for separating spaces in a loft. Choosing carpets of different sizes and styles makes it possible to organise the room in a functional way and to create easily identifiable areas.

The first step in furnishing a loft is to choose carpets. Once you have selected the models of carpet to be used to delimit the living area, the living room, the sleeping areas and the entrance, you can proceed with the choice of furniture and, finally, with all the other decorative elements.

Don’t forget to take care of the lighting. Generally, lofts have large windows and are exposed on several sides, allowing natural light to enter at different times of the day. However, it should be borne in mind that the windows are often high up and there may be areas that are darker. Designing a lighting system with multiple lighting points to enhance the carpets and help define different areas of the house is essential.

Combine carpets in an original way

Whilst carpets can help to define spaces, poorly thought through placement of carpets on the floor can weaken the décor and prevent the full potential of the home being realised. The versatility of luxury carpets makes it possible to overcome this problem in many different ways, all of which are original and open to experimentation. For example, several rugs of different sizes and styles can be placed side by side and on top of each other to create a unique environment with a strong personality. In the area where you decide to place the sofa, for example, you can choose a large rectangular carpet, on which you can lay a second, smaller carpet of a different colour shade.

Overlapping rectangular and square rugs is the right choice if you want to convey order and give centrality to straight lines and geometric shapes, while placing rectangular and round rugs side by side is a good idea to tone down the rigour and create a more welcoming atmosphere.

Find the perfect mix & match for your home

In order to furnish your loft in style with luxury carpets, you should also consider the role of different materials. In areas where people pass through, it is always a good idea to choose wool carpets, which are more durable and easier to clean. Within the range of wool carpets, there are many different solutions to choose from: carpets made of thin fibres, with a structure characterised by very dense knots, offer maximum resistance and allow you to have a carpet with particularly elaborate decorations in your home. If, on the other hand, you opt for a carpet made with thicker fibres, the density of the knots will be lower and the degree of detail of the decorations will also be less. These apparent shortcomings are compensated for by the warmth and softness of the carpet.

Build your own palette

To ensure that the loft decor is unique and that the atmosphere in your home is special, it is important to choose the colours of the carpets carefully. Depending on what you want to achieve and the style of interior design you prefer, you can either choose one colour shade to use for all the carpets in the house or select several shades to use in combination for the carpets and accessories.

The first solution is particularly suitable for those who want to give a classic feel to their loft, while the second, with the development of a personalised palette to be distributed throughout the different areas of the house, is ideal for creating a modern, contemporary loft.

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