Maintenance of custom carpets: how to preserve the beauty of custom luxury carpets over time?

Materials and techniques Sep 23.2022
Maintenance of custom carpets

Choosing to furnish a home with customluxury carpets implies the need for careful maintenance of custom carpets.

Taking care of these artefacts, which are true protagonists of home furnishing, helps to intervene promptly in the event of problems and prevents damage that can ruin the pile of the carpets, causing even irreparable consequences.

How to define a Maintenance of custom carpets programme?

Not all carpets are the same. When defining cleaning and maintenance routines, it is therefore necessary to consider the specific characteristics of each model in order to select the most suitable cleaning systems and maintenance activities for each one.

A long pile carpet, for example, will need to be cleaned, vacuumed and laundered with more delicate systems than those used for a hand-knotted carpet. A hand-woven carpet, on the other hand, is generally more resistant to washing and cleaning than carpets made using alternative processing techniques.

In order to define the perfect maintenance schedule for the artefacts, it is also necessary to assess the materials from which the individual carpets are made. For example, a silk or viscose carpet is more delicate than a wool model, while a cotton carpet can be washed with water without any particular contraindications. Finally, for a luxury wool carpet, some extra care should be taken due to the delicacy of the material from which its pile is made.

Colours also play an important role. There are colours that can be altered by washing or by contact with substances contained in detergents. And then there are colours that tend to fade with the passage of time.

As a general rule, a good maintenance of custom carpets  programme should include regular deep cleaning. Professional cleaning should also be carried out approximately every two years, to which periodic checks should be added to check the state of health of the artefact.

Some tips for perfect maintenance of customised luxury carpets

Maintaining your luxury carpet well is one of the secrets to keeping it beautiful and functional for a long time.

In addition to cleaning the carpet to remove dust and dirt from the surface, it is very important to check that the colours are bright and that there are no signs of fading. If the luxury carpet is exposed to direct sunlight, it is advisable to rotate it regularly to prevent the sun from damaging the colours exposed to its rays.

If it is necessary to move the carpet, because you have decided to remove it during the summer months or because you want to move it to another room in the house, it is best to do so by rolling it up on itself and keeping its pile towards the inside.

Preserving the quality of a high-quality carpet also requires a periodic analysis of the structure of the artefact, in order to detect any moth infestation at an early stage. If flying insects are noticed in the room where the carpet is located, immediate action should be taken to check whether there are any eggs laid between the pile fibres. If there is an infestation, it is essential to contact experienced professionals so that they can take action to remove the moths and possibly restore the damaged parts of the piece.

Maintenance of custom carpets

All maintenance of custom carpets starts with careful cleaning

Cleaning the carpet properly forms a large part of its maintenance programme. How should this be done? The customcarpet should be vacuumed regularly, using a special brush and adjusting the frequency of cleaning to the traffic in the room.

As a general rule, it is recommended to vacuum the carpet once or twice a week in less frequented rooms of the house. The carpet should be vacuumed up to once a day if it is placed in a room with heavy traffic.

In the event of stains or spills on a customluxury carpet, it is essential to act quickly. It is important not to rub the surface of the pile, but to blot it with a cloth or sponge. If it is necessary to wet the carpet, it must be ensured that the fibres from which it is made are not damaged by contact with water.

Improper use of water or detergents can cause colour loss, cause the carpet to felt or cause its fibres to shrink. Consequently, when it comes to customluxury carpets, it is always advisable to have them professionally cleaned by experienced people who can ensure that the fibres are respected. Based on the analysis made for the individual luxury carpet, the professionals will choose whether to proceed with a dry cleaning or a wet cleaning.

In conclusion, we can say that the maintenance of custom carpets can be quite demanding. Nothing too strenuous, however. You simply need to understand how to operate and, at the very least, know which professionals to entrust your precious artefact to.

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