Made to measure rugs for vintage style furnishings

custom rugs Oct 07.2022
Made to measure rugs for vintage style furnishings

How to choose Made to measure rugs for vintage style furnishings ? First of all, we would like to reassure our readers: with the right custom-made rugs, even for vintage style furnishings you can achieve beautiful results in terms of aesthetics and comfort. Indeed, customisation of artefacts  helps complete any interior design project, adding a unique touch to any room.

In particular, the many strengths of the vintage style mean that it is very fashionable and increasingly in demand by those in search of a furnishing style that can interpret and tell their personal story. Let us therefore see which carpets best match this style.

What are the particularities of the vintage style?

Vintage is characterised by being one of the most versatile and changeable furnishing styles of all. It does not have its own distinctive characteristics, but is the result of the combination and juxtaposition of furnishing elements from different eras.

The freedom of being able to choose the pieces of furniture for each room makes the vintage style a favourite with those who wish to have furniture with its own history and strong personality.

Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can choose to go for vintage for the furnishings or for the home textiles. Or you may consider selecting valuable vintage furniture to be transformed into the highlights of the various rooms in the house. Being able to create a balanced whole between the different components of the furnishings and to make an apparently heterogeneous set of furniture and accessories coexist is the main challenge for those involved in interior design projects.

Those who choose vintage furniture for their homes often do so because they cultivate a great passion for the design of the past. Then because they wish to enrich their homes with original pieces of furniture from a particular historical period. In other cases, this choice is the result of a recovery operation of furnishings that belonged to one’s family or that were found in specialised markets. What all vintage lovers have in common is the search for original and unique solutions that can give a special touch to their homes.

made to measure rugs for vintage

Having established this, let us now see which luxury carpets best fit into these types of contexts.

The best Made to measure rugs for vintage style furnishings(guide to choice)

In an environment such as a home with vintage furnishings, characterised by an obvious mix of furniture elements and styles and the presence of unique, eye-catching furniture, luxury carpets play a major role.

In a context of this kind, the high quality customised carpet generally has the task of holding everything together and making the whole appear harmonious and coherent.

Specifically, depending on the direction one wishes to give to the décor, one can opt for an oriental carpet , which is excellent if one wishes to emphasise the history of the furniture and if one wishes to emphasise the link between past and present, or for a contemporary carpet, which is ideal for those who wish to highlight their design choices and who wish to emphasise the ability of vintage pieces to be protagonists in the here and now.

If you have chosen to take inspiration from the furnishings of a certain era, such as the Sixties or Seventies, you might consider requesting a custom-made carpet that recalls, in colour or design, those of the period in question.

Generally speaking, the vintage furniture style leaves a lot of freedom of choice to the interior designer. It is not wrong to say that any type of carpet could be successfully used to enrich a vintage living room or bedroom. There is only one basic rule to follow when choosing the right carpet for this type of furniture: that of not overloading the space too much with patterns and colours. This is the main advice to follow.

Made to measure rugs for vintage style furnishings

What are the steps for choosing custom-made carpets for homes furnished in vintage style?

Defining the size of the custom-made carpet is the first step. The size of the piece must be commensurate with the size of the room, of course, but it must also take into account the number and size of the furniture present.

As far as the shape of the carpet is concerned, there are no particular constraints. You can go for a classic rectangular rug, you can choose the harmony of a round rug or you can go for the original lines of an abstract shaped rug.

Even for the colours and design of the carpet there is great freedom of choice. If you want to brighten up the room, light colours are preferable. On the other hand, if you want to bring out details of vintage textiles, you can opt for a carpet made in the same colours.

By carefully choosing Made to measure rugs for vintage style furnishings, you can create wonderful combinations, for example by combining vintage furniture with industrial-inspired artefacts or with shabby chic elements.

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