Industrial style rug: what does it look like? How does it match with various furnishing styles?

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Industrial style rug

Industrial style rug can certainly add a modern and bold touch to lofts and living spaces reclaimed from workplaces as well as modern-style flats and villas.

In general, these textiles are intended to decorate large and not particularly bright spaces. For these reasons, industrial rugs are usually large in size and have a design that gives the room depth and intensity.

What are the main characteristics of the industrial style rug?

Within a large loft, industrial rugs have the main task of delimiting both visually and physically the different areas into which the living space is organised. Since industrial spaces traditionally have no partition walls, these rugs themselves become a kind of structural element, which helps interior designers to give character to locations.

In particular, the industrial style rug works perfectly not only in lofts and open-plan spaces, but also in homes that have been furnished in a modern, contemporary style. Usually, in fact, these artefacts present clean lines and have a design that proposes geometric shapes or abstract motifs: these characteristics go very well with both simple and linear furnishings and with warmer and more sophisticated solutions.

The predominant colours of the industrial style rug are mostly cold and dark, with grey and blue dominating the scene. These colours go perfectly with both light and minimal furniture as well as with more detailed furnishings, such as old workspaces characterised by brick walls, exposed pipes or dark metal elements on walls and ceilings.

What do you need to know if you want to furnish your space with an industrial style rug?

Industrial style rug

Finding the perfect luxury rug to complete the décor of industrial-style spaces is an intriguing way to bring colour, comfort and personality to rooms that tend to look rough.

In industrial-style spaces, where original architectural structures and elements that are rarely expected to be found within a domestic space catch the eye, rugs play a key role, as they enhance the special features of the individual room.

By choosing rugs with a modern design  and bold colours, one can bring vitality and dynamism to rooms in an immediate and simple way.

For a result that does not go unnoticed, it is important to be able to find the perfect rug, i.e. one that is able to integrate harmoniously with the other surrounding elements. In this sense, opting for products with geometric patterns, clean lines and cool colours, such as grey and blue, is a good idea if the rug is to complement stone or brick walls, for example.

The success of interior design choices also depends on knowing how to choose the right size industrial style rug. Indeed, a piece that is too small could be overshadowed, while one that is too large could overpower the other elements of the decor.

Industrial style rug

How to find the perfect industrial style rug for every room and every furnishing style?

The search for the perfect industrial style rug can take quite some time and the evaluation of a multitude of different solutions. To simplify the process of selecting textiles to be placed in a room with industrial furniture, it is good to keep some general tips in mind.

Firstly, when selecting the material of the rug, it is important to consider the desired effect. Wool is the ideal choice if comfort and warmth is desired, while leather is perfect if you want to give the room a note of rustic elegance. In an industrial context, jute rugs also work very well, as they are really the ideal ones to add a natural and informal touch to the space.

What determines the final effect that is achieved is above all the decorative motifs chosen for the industrial style rug. In contrast to Oriental artefacts, industrial style patterns are distinguished by the presence of neutral decorations, abstract motifs and modern designs that are generally not very elaborate. The end result? Rugs with a clean and very versatile appearance.

Among the considerations to be made when choosing an industrial style rug are the right shape of the product. Since you often have to deal with large spaces, you can opt for a geometric rug if you want to achieve a tidy and symmetrical result, or you can dare with an irregular shape if you want to add a touch of originality and dynamism to the room.

One last suggestion. If you want to lighten the atmosphere, you could also consider decorating the space using the layer look technique, i.e. layering the industrial style rug with other rugs of different shapes and sizes.

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