How to choose a luxury rug for the kitchen

Luxury rugs Feb 15.2021

luxury rugs for the kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the whole house. This space is the setting for many every day moments that involve the whole family. In such a context, a luxury carpet can easily emphasize the intimate atmosphere of the home.

Which luxury carpet for the kitchen? Decorative and functional

The kitchen, more than any other room in the house, has characteristics that need to be taken into account when considering which carpet to choose. Since it is the room where food is prepared and eaten, the carpet plays not only a decorative role but also a function alone.

First of all, the carpet protects the floor from, for example, water splashes, oil stains or food spills. At the same time, it protects people and animals living in the house, as they could slip and fall due to water, oil or other substances that encourage falls to the floor.

The ideal kitchen carpet therefore has very specific qualities, as it must be non-slip and resistant to stains and moisture.

In addition to this protective function, the carpet also has a decorative function. It adds colour to the room and makes the furniture stand out. For a perfect result it should be matched with the furniture and chosen in a way that is consistent with the style of d├ęcor defined for the home.

What needs to be considered when choosing a luxury kitchen carpet?

If there were a device in the house that recorded the number of entrances to each room in the house, the kitchen would undoubtedly score the highest number.

From the moment of breakfast until after dinner, it is in this space that the family comes together. They do this to prepare food, to eat, to chat and to exchange confidences.

For all these reasons, the kitchen carpet must have a durable structure and also be easy to clean. At least in this room, delicate carpets are banned. Instead, wool carpets with a high knot density can be used. Their compact structure makes them durable, easy to clean and less likely to stain or accumulate dirt.

When choosing a kitchen carpet, it is important to choose durable materials. It should also be remembered that the pieces would be cleaned frequently, vacuuming daily and removing any stains with a gentle sponge.

What design should be chosen for a luxury kitchen carpet?

There are several elements to consider when choosing a design for a kitchen carpet. First of all, you need to consider the size and layout of the room.

In an open-plan kitchen, you might opt for a large rectangular rug with a striking design, for example of oriental inspiration. Or you could decide on a more contemporary style piece. In a kitchen designed in this way, the carpet is immediately visible to those who are about to enter the room and, if you choose an important design, you are sure to capture the attention and catch the eyes of your guests.

If, on the other hand, the kitchen is small or if the focal point around which the family’s daily activities revolve is near an island or peninsula, then this is where the luxury carpets would be placed. For such a structure, a long, narrow carpet or an irregularly shaped carpet are good solutions.

As for the design, this is directly influenced by the furnishing style chosen for the room and the rest of the house. In a classic style kitchen, with wall cabinets and tables in the colour of natural wood, you can choose a carpet with a geometric design or an artefact in neutral tones. A carpet with a graphic design or made with a gradient of colour is perfect in a contemporary or Nordic style kitchen.

Colour plays its part too

Because the kitchen is such a central room in the house, the choice of colour is so important. You can choose the colour of the carpet, making sure it matches the colour of the furniture and walls. Or you can choose a colour that contrasts with the colours in the room. There is also a third way, which is to define a colour palette from the outset that you can refer to both for carpets and other textiles in the home, such as curtains.

Whatever the final choice, one thing is certain: a luxury carpet can amplify the feelings of conviviality and intimacy that characterize the kitchen of a house.

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