Custom color rugs: how to match a custom-coloured artefact with the furnishings of the specific room?

custom rugs Jan 07.2023
Custom color rugs

Being able to have custom color rugs is one of the most obvious advantages for those who rely on a customised project.

The fact of being able to request that the carpet be made from yarns dyed in a specific colour shade makes it possible to obtain a piece of furniture that perfectly matches the customer’s needs, and thus blends in with the rest of the home’s furnishings.

When and why choose custom color rugs?

There can be several reasons why customers and interior designers request a carpet with customised pile colours. Usually, the request is justified by the fact that one wishes to have a contemporary textile artefact with a unique and distinctive design in the home . Having a carpet whose colours have been specifically chosen for the interior design project gives you the certainty of having a handcrafted product in a colour combination that has no equal in the world.

In other cases, custom color rugs are used because one needs to follow a specific colour palette . In such a situation, the carpet’s task is to fit into the design and match perfectly with the colours of the furniture, walls or floors.

It can also be advantageous to choose a custom-coloured carpet when one wishes to have a pattern in the home that deviates sharply from tradition. Traditional  rugs usually have similar colours. This is due to the fact that the yarns were dyed with pigments obtained from plants, flowers or animals and there was a limited range of colours that could be used. Nowadays, thanks to the use of chemical dyes, it is instead possible to draw on thousands of different shades and you can choose colours specifically created for your home.

Custom color rugs

How best to follow the project of creating one or more custom color rugs?

Choosing the custom colours to be used for the creation of your carpet is only one step in the process leading to the creation of a custom-made artefact.

Before focusing on the colours of the pattern, it is necessary to define the space in which the piece will be placed and then move on to selecting the best shape, size and materials. Once this general picture has been created, one can move on to choosing the design to be given to the carpet. In this sense, the selection of colours is crucial, as the appearance of the piece and the way the room will look will depend on this choice.

In most cases, when the decision is made to have a custom-made carpet made, the customer or interior designer talks to carpet manufacturers and defines the characteristics of the custom-made model from one or more existing  rugs that have similar qualities to those of the piece requested by the customer.

In other cases, custom color rugs are made in an original way, from a photograph or drawing provided by the customer. This is especially common in the contract sector, when there is a need to create custom-made items for an office or shop based on a company logo design. However, it is also a request that can be made for a carpet for use in the home.

Custom color rugs

How to furnish rooms in the home with one or more custom color rugs?

Custom color rugs should be placed very carefully in the room in order to be able to make the most of their uniqueness. Custom color rugs can be used to make a particular room stand out from the rest of the furniture, or to give character to a specific space in the home.

When choosing the colours to use for your custom-made carpet, it is advisable to select nuances that are in harmony with each other and that blend well with the context in which the individual model will be placed. In this sense, it is advisable to consider the colour and style of the furniture, but also the type of flooring in the home and the appearance of the walls. A further tip that can be followed to identify the best colours to use in the design is to rely on colour psychology or to combine warm and cold colours to create a balanced contrast between different shades.

When choosing colours, the type of room to be furnished must also be taken into account. For a bedroom, colours that are unintimidating and encourage rest are preferable, while for a study, colours that encourage concentration and creativity should be preferred. Contact us to learn more about customised colourĀ  rugs!

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