How to choose the colour of a luxury carpet

Luxury rugs Nov 24.2020

how to choose teh colour of a luxury carpet

Together with design, colour is the most important element to consider when choosing a luxury carpet. Indeed, colours can convey many different emotions. They concretely contribute to influencing the atmosphere in the room that houses the object.

Since a rug is destined to last very long, it is good to make careful evaluations. This also means thinking about which colours are the most suitable for the pieces that will furnish the house. This is the only way to achieve an excellent result. In this article, we will provide you with a brief guide to help you make the right decision.

How does colour influence the choice of carpet?

Precisely because the colour of the carpet can have a marked influence on the environment in which it is placed, a certain harmony must be achieved. How is this done? Based on our experience, we have a few suggestions to give you.

For a harmonious and refined result, you can create your furnishing project from the carpet. Or you can leave the choice of the manufactured article at the end of the furnishing work. In this second case, it means opting for a luxury rug that is able to go with the rest of the furniture and objects already present. Which of the two ways is the best? It depends. Let’s analyse the pros and cons of both options.

Starting with the carpet is a good solution when you have to furnish a new house or have decided on a complete restyling of the living room or bedroom. Taking this viewpoint, the carpet becomes the focal point of the room. Everything else – from the furniture to the colour of the walls, curtains and linen – is chosen to ensure a consistent and harmonious overall result. 

When the carpet is chosen to renovate and refresh an already furnished room, the perspective changes. Here, colour and design are chosen by focusing on shades and nuances that are in harmony with the style of the room and the colours present. In such a situation, for example, complementary colours can be evaluated with respect to existing colours. Or you can focus on contrasting colours, if the aim is to surprise. 

As is evident, a lot depends on the final result you are aiming for. A light coloured carpet, for example, can help to increase the perceived size of the room. Conversely, a dark piece can be used to balance a particularly large space.

How to convey the right emotions through colours

The colours become the spokesmen of precise emotions and sensations. This is a well-known fact. Therefore, emotions and sensations must also be taken into due consideration when choosing a rug.

Cold colours, for example those in the range of greys, greens and blues, convey a feeling of peace and tranquillity. For this reason they are to be preferred in the bedrooms. On the contrary, warm colours such as yellow, red and orange are stimulating and transmit energy. If the living room of your house hosts at least one party a week, these are the right colours to focus on. 

Neutral shades, on the other hand, help to create a relaxing atmosphere and combine easily with the furniture. Carpets in these shades can easily be found in both the living and sleeping areas of the house. At the same time, they are ideal for creating furniture that is both sophisticated and essential. One advantage of the colours ranging from beige to earth and wood tones is the great versatility. These colours can be used as a background for walls or fabrics in bright colours. Or they can take centre stage when offered in combination with pastel colours. 

When it comes to colour, you should consider not only carpets made with artificially dyed fibres. You should also consider pieces made from fibres already dyed in nature. Using exclusively undyed wools, Nodus has created a whole line of carpets that can be compared to contemporary works of art. The result is extraordinary and the skill of the Designers makes it possible to appreciate the natural shades of the fibres. These nuances are emphasized depending on the light in the room and the angle from which you look at the carpet. 

In other words, the colour rendering also depends on the brightness of the room. Therefore, when choosing the right rug for your home, you don’t just have to define its size, style and predominant colours. For a result that will amaze your family and your guests every day, you should also consider carefully how the room in which the rug will be placed is lit. 

If the room receives little natural light, for example, it would be better to avoid dark carpets. However, if the amount of light varies widely throughout the day, it might be interesting to choose a multicoloured carpet. This is an artefact with shades that are enhanced from time to time by sunlight or artificial light. 

The colour of the carpet is a priority. In fact, it is capable of influencing the way the room is lived in. The various shades and their intensities help to create a relaxed atmosphere or to create an elegant, lavish and classy ambience. The choice is yours!

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