Eco-friendly Sustainable Area Rugs

Materials and techniques Aug 05.2022
Sustainable Area Rugs

This journal empowers you to perceive that sustainable choices are functional in rugs. So if you’re conscious of the environmental influence of your rugs preferences, we desire you’ll have an additional & exceptional understanding of sustainable area rugs alternatives, Eco-friendly area rugs weaving procedures, the significance of commodity life cycles and the circular economy, eco-friendly rugs fabrics, and what to notice for when it is about the selection of the best sustainable rugs.

Selecting sustainable area flooring has become increasingly crucial as the earth confronts the atmospheric crisis and environmental destruction. This article explained the sustainable area rug option and cared about your ecological footprint.

Rugs are commonly knitted of prudent fabrics entailing their sustainability and quality. They are not supposed to be safe for the home due to off-gassing, influencing kids and pets.

So if you wish to glorify your living room into a more sustainable area, we’ve searched for area rugs that are sustainably weaved and weaved to last. You’ll find many responsibly sourced fabrics and eco-conscious procedures and none of the hazards or dissatisfaction.  And while updating your space, why not use sustainable area rugs?

Why are rugs commonly not sustainable?

Environmental and health concerns correlated with rugs include:

  • Indoor climate.
  • Especially air quality.
  • Chemical discharge from fabricating and discarding procedures.
  • Waste of substantial effects.

When searching to curtail the suspicion of your modest home, look initially under your feet! The area rugs that are terrible for the environment can also be hazardous to your health. 

Many area rugs contain unhealthy toxins from stains, flame retardants, and adhesives. Even when stable substances are utilized to make area rugs, they are frequently dealt with severe chemicals to resist moisture and stains. The list of venoms found in area rugs is sometimes extended and hazardous. Luckily though, there is an abundance of organic and sustainable area rugs.

When browsing for sustainable, eco-friendly, non-toxic area rugs, always prefer sustainable threads—like sisal, wool, jute, and organic cotton. Pay personal attention to the area rug underlay supporting pads; these are sometimes cheaply manufactured. Organic wool, latex, and jute are the best alternatives.

We know surveys can be time-consuming and sometimes frustrating—which is why our writers have rolled up their sleeves to do the challenging job. When you don’t have much time to do all the investigation on your own, here is a record of best-quality, eco-friendly, non-toxic, and sustainable area rugs that you can believe to be safe in your abode and for the atmosphere.

If you anticipate more sustainable interior stimulus, check out our directories to organic fabrics, eco-friendly (non-toxic) material, and sustainable home decor with sustainable area rugs!What does it mean to be sustainable

What does it mean to be sustainable in area rugs?

Sustainability means fulfilling our necessities without compromising the proficiency of area rug productions to fulfill their desires. In addition to organic resources, we also expect economic and social resources.

Provoked by geographies and life and turned into ideational layouts, these area rugs are weaved with organic or recycled fabrics, like the wool of New Zealand, and eco-friendly pigments (and sometimes even dead-stock fabrics!). Our all sustainable area rugs are professionally made; they hold certificates of Care & Fair and GoodWeave.

Are non-toxic rugs the same as eco-friendly sustainable area rugs?

There are various concerns regarding recognizing a non-toxic area rug, but I initially prefer to differentiate between eco-friendly, sustainable rugs and non-toxic ones. An eco-friendly sustainable rug encompasses properties and characteristics that concentrate on ensuring the future health of the earth as a whole. In contrast, a non-toxic rug is manufactured utilizing fabrics that consider the health of the individuals that come into touch with it.

In your browsing for an eco-friendly sustainable rug, you will likely come across advertising statements like “non-toxic,” “sustainable,” and “eco-friendly. While these factors are fair to consider for the environment, they do not necessarily imply that they are safer for your health.

What is a sustainable eco rug?

The area rugs are weaved from undyed wool and redeemed textile fibers, including recycled plastic and organic cotton, without chemicals or pigments and are exported with minimal packaging to decrease environmental consequences. What is the central toxic wrongdoer in most area rugs

What is the central toxic wrongdoer in most area rugs?

When choosing an area rug for the home, a range of textiles and accessories must be considered. Advertising skills might lead one to think that a household carpet with only one toxic component could be considered sustainable and ‘non-toxic’, but this is not the case.

we have heard of people buying a textile carpet made of natural wool with recycled cotton pads online. the carpet was certified stain-free and flame retardant-free. Yet when they received it, it smelled of chemicals so strong it gave my family a headache. They waited weeks before the aroma disappeared.

After researching what could have contributed to this chemical aroma, we discovered that wool carpets need stronger dyes to shade the yarns, as wool is commonly resistant to paint. Despite looking for an optimistic solution in many boxes, there was one component that neutralised them all and ended up participating in the unhealthy weight of our home.

This is just one example to share the importance of choosing a sustainable, eco-friendly and non-toxic carpet with a holistic approach and often looking for aroma or scent investigations.

Here is a few stuff to be conscious of when it is about the primary toxic felons that make it unsustainable in most area rugs:

1. Substances like polypropylene (also known as polyolefin or olefin), polyester, and nylon. These three are artificial substances that are generated through chemical operations. Unnatural /Syntheticsubstances aren’t inescapably always dangerous but can substitute chemicals to the skin relying on how it’s created.

2.  Flame retardant chemicals are extremely harmful, not very beneficial, and almost constantly correlated to the synthetic substances detailed above.

3. Organic fabrics like wool and cotton can also be a problem. These fabrics frequently are sprinkled with pesticides and other harmful chemicals when not appropriately sourced.

4.  The artificial rubber backing of area rugs and rug supporting pads can encompass endocrine-disrupting components.

5. Numerous area rugs use harmful, high-impact pigments to shade the fibers.

6.  Formaldehyde, a probable carcinogen and irritant for the nose, throat, &ear, is present in glues utilized to strengthen area rugs.

7.  Smudge and moisture repellent treatments are sometimes made from perfluorinated compounds (PFCs). This chemical is recognized to get into the bloodstream of females and has been discovered in human breast milk.

Eco-friendly Sustainable Area Rugs

Eco-friendly Sustainable Area Rug Options

When browsing for healthy home flooring and decor, you’ll come to it with a unique perspective: it not only expects to be safe but also demands to be beautiful. While our brand offers softer and safer outcomes, they not only fit the trend/ beautiful requirement and vice versa. These are some of my beloved area rug choices that meet both prerequisites.

Nodus takes care

NODUS is a brand that unites comfort and sustainable manufacturing, with the hues and contours you’d want in a living area rug, so you can make to order whatever size in the rug you need. If you’re searching for sustainable, eco-friendly, no-odor&exceptionally durable, this area rug is precise for you. It’s also a nice option for homes and pet holders.

When it is about sustainable, eco-friendly & non-toxic options, it needs a bit more investigation

Here are our tips for finding a safer, sustainable area rug:

l Use the “filter” instrument to browse for area rugs with natural fabrics like wool, jute, sisal, and cotton. Due to durability, silk is another organic fabric only proposed for living rooms.

l Double-check the fabric content documented for the sustainable area rug! Sometimes you’d find a polypropylene area rug that somehow was drained under my organic fabric examination. l Once you uncover a choice you love, contact NODUS customer service (they have a live conversation feature on their website for customers ) to discern if they utilize fire retardants& stain repellents on the sustainable area rug you’re deeming

What can I do if my sustainable area rug isn’t entirely non-toxic?

Can’t find a sustainable area rug free from all of the major toxic delinquentsAllowing it to be off-gas outdoor, in direct sunlight. The sunlight will stimulate and speed up the off-gassing procedure. Leave it outdoor on the balcony in direct sunlight rays for as long as feasible before taking it into your home.

How can I diminish strong chemical odors?

Absorb some of the aromas you may experience when buying a sustainable area rug, sprinkle some baking soda on your area rug, leave it on overnight, and vacuum it in the morning.

What’s the reasonable way to lengthen the life of my area rug?

If you’ve struggled to source an eco-friendly area rug you love, you’ll need to take care of it to keep it looking new. Here are three ways to do that:

Use a rug pad; it ensures the area rug saves it from slipping and is crucial to retaining it. Use wool, felt rug pads, or a 100% organic latex area rug pad.

 Never use the brush roll of your vacuum. The first thing to retain the look of its sustainable area rugs is never to use the brush roll while vacuuming. Only use the “hardwood” setting when cleaning my more delicate sustainable area rugs.

Take shoes off at the door! This advice is two-fold: not just does it facilitate keeping your rugs looking new, but it furthermore prevents you from carrying environmental venoms, like pesticides, into your house. Take off your shoes in your entrance or living room and wear a pair of house shoes somewhat.

NODUS has sustainable rugs manufactured for kids that are stunning & adorable. Now that you’re trained with the understanding and alternatives for eco-friendly sustainable area rugs and comfortable options, I’d love to know what you choose from the NODUS online store! Comment below to let me know your favorites.


We realize that selecting sustainable, eco-friendly flooring has become increasingly crucial for customers. The environmental effect of preferences is now driving decisions. It is considerable understanding of the eco-friendly sustainable alternatives available in rugs choices – the other options of environmentally sustainable rugs fabrics, more eco-friendly manufacturing techniques, and the chances to attain a circular economy with recyclable & recycled commodities.

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