Aboriginal rugs: how are they made? When and how to incorporate them into an interior design?

DesignMaterials and techniques May 21.2024
Aboriginal rugs

Choosing to furnish with one or more Aboriginal rugs not only allows you to enrich your home space with a high-quality, timeless product, but also allows you to learn about and preserve the culture and traditions of Australia’s indigenous peoples.

In this step-by-step guide to Aboriginal rugs, we will give you all the advice you need to make a choice that is suitable for the room you want to furnish, while respecting its style and the client’s tastes.

What elements make Aboriginal rugs unique?

Aboriginal rugs uniquely blend art, culture and craftsmanship. This blend of elements makes these textile artefacts true works of art that cannot be missed by anyone who is passionate about the world of fine yarns.

Like all luxury rugs , Aboriginal patterns are distinguished by the high quality of the materials from which they are made. Often wool is used, which is chosen for the long list of properties it can boast. Wool rugs are durable, long-lasting, not prone to staining, easy to maintain, safe even for allergy sufferers and easy to work with. Other times, a mix of fibres is used for aboriginal rugs, usually a blend of wool and cotton. The use of natural materials makes it possible to create high quality rugs, with selected yarns that guarantee strength and durability.

Aboriginal rugs are created by experienced artists and craftsmen who respectively design and process the products using all their knowledge. While the designers draw on all their creativity and knowledge of the history of the Aboriginal people, the master weavers are able to translate the designers’ ideas into a concrete product, using the yarns to create tangible works of art.

Perhaps what makes Aboriginal rugs truly unique is the harmonious fusion of the traditional and the contemporary. While maintaining a strong connection to Aboriginal culture, artists often add modern and innovative elements to their creations, creating unique pieces that also fit perfectly into contemporary environments.

In addition to their aesthetic beauty, Aboriginal rugs are notable for the fact that they often tell profound stories related to the culture and spirituality of Australia’s indigenous peoples.

Aboriginal rugs

How can Aboriginal rugs be used in interior design?

Aboriginal rugs are both practical and functional furnishings that can find a place in various types of environments. The small format models, for example, are ideal in both home and work environments. They can be used on the wall, replacing paintings or wall decorations, or on the floor, to enhance a small space or to give a colour accent to a specific area of the room.

Large format rugs, on the other hand, are the perfect solution if you are looking for a decorative element that can become the focal point of the room. Since aboriginal rugs have a lively, multi-coloured design, they can immediately catch the eye and visually fill the space.

If you are considering an original solution for interior design, you can easily rely on Aboriginal rugs. By choosing different designs, shapes and sizes, all spaces in the home can be decorated in a unique way. While a beautiful round rug is a great idea for a spacious living room, a rug in vibrant colours is ideal for a hallway, while a large rectangular rug is perfect for warming up the atmosphere in the bedroom.

What should be considered when choosing an aboriginal carpet?

Aboriginal rugs

When it comes to choosing the right model to use to furnish your room, one of the first considerations to make is the quality of the product and the properties of the materials used in its manufacture.

A wool carpet is generally preferred in busier spaces, as it resists wear and tear better. For less busy rooms, such as bedrooms, one can instead opt for wool and cotton rugs or for pieces that have been made entirely of cotton.

Another aspect to consider carefully is the size of the piece in question. Aboriginal rugs can be made in both large and small sizes, as well as made-to-measure designs . In this way, you can be sure that the individual piece meets your needs exactly and fits naturally into the space.

The harmony that is created between the carpet and the furniture is another element that should never be underestimated. From this point of view, one must take into account the furnishing style chosen for the furniture, the colour scheme of the artefact and also the meaning of the symbols and representations on the aboriginal carpet.

What else can be said in closing about this type of pattern? We can say that a quality Aboriginal carpet is not just a decorative element, but has a story to tell and passes on the traditions and culture of ancient peoples who have much to teach. From this perspective, it means bringing a piece of a people’s history and culture into your home!

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