What size custom rug to choose? Large or small?

custom rugs Feb 25.2022

What size custom rug to choose? Large or small?

Finding the right size for custom rugs is among the priorities of those who need to furnish a space. This is true whether you are talking about a home environment or a professional one.

Large size carpets are the most usual choice, but small sizes have been gaining popularity for a while now. Both solutions have interesting advantages, which it is useful to know and evaluate before making your customization choices.

How to identify the most suitable luxury carpet format for your project

Before going on to analyze the advantages offered by large format rugs and those offered by small format rugs, it is useful to make some more general considerations regarding the criteria to be taken into account when wondering about the ideal format of a luxury rug.

As is often the case, starting from the characteristics of the space to be furnished is an excellent way to deduce the characteristics that the furniture should have and, therefore, to find the best format for luxury carpets. Among the aspects to consider, there are, of course, the size and shape of the room. Likewise, the brightness of the space and the type of environment in which the custom rug will fit should not be underestimated.

Taking into consideration the overall style of the décor is another element that can help you skim through the various options available to you regarding the choice of rugs. There are furnishing styles that leave more room for experimentation, allowing the interior designer to dare with original and sophisticated solutions, while others suggest more caution and the use of rugs with traditional shapes and sizes.

In every project, the choices should always be guided by the objectives that have been decided in agreement between the interior designer and the client. Considering that the rug is a piece of furniture that is as decorative as it is functional, the choice of format should also consider the more practical aspects and those related to the functions that the custom-made rug will perform.

What size custom rug to choose? Large or small?

The advantages of large format custom-made carpets

As far as large size custom rugs are concerned, the advantages are mainly related to their functionality. A large format custom rug enhances the thermal and acoustic insulation properties, giving the environment a special warmth and atmosphere. Another good reason for requesting a large custom-made carpet is the desire to protect a delicate or valuable floor.

The living area of the house, especially if it is a spacious villa or an open space, is the ideal space in which to place a large carpet. To make sure that the result is balanced, it is important to make sure that between the space occupied by the carpet, the furniture and the free space there is a good proportion.

Even bedrooms or workrooms can be successfully furnished with a large format custom rug, provided that the rooms are large enough and the rest of the furniture ensures an airy and harmonious result.

What size custom rug to choose? Large or small?

The advantages of small format custom carpets

If large carpets are suitable for large spaces, by analogy small carpets are the right choice for smaller spaces in the house, such as the entrance, hallways or outdoor spaces. But that’s not all: thanks to their versatility, small custom rugs can furnish any room in the house in an original way.

Even in larger living rooms, lofts or open spaces, you can take advantage of the qualities of small rugs to create a contemporary and sophisticated decor. By using multiple rugs, of different shapes and sizes, you can visually define various areas of the room. Or you can add color accents where they are needed.

Choosing small custom-made rugs can also be the right choice when you want to reduce the risk of the artifacts in your home being ruined by wear and tear and trampling. Or you can opt for this type of artifacts when you want to contain the possibility of them getting damaged due to stains.

There is one more factor that benefits small luxury rugs: the fact that they are easily movable allows you to potentially change the look of the room whenever you want. When you have chosen to furnish with many different custom rugs, this aspect multiplies the potential of interior design and allows you to have an ever-changing environment.

What can we say in summary? The advantages offered by custom-made carpets are many and obvious: being able to customize the carpet in detail is an added value, which can make the difference in the success of any interior design project. When comparing large rugs and smaller rugs, it is essential to look for the solution that more than others can give a consistent style to the space. And which is able to visually fill the room with its design and colors.

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