What shapes for custom rugs? [Selection Guide]

custom rugs May 21.2022

What shapes for custom rugs? [Selection Guide]

The appearance of the luxury carpet greatly affects the way the room in which it is placed looks. Carefully designing the shape of the rug, especially if it is custom-made, helps to achieve a satisfactory result and give every space in the home the right amount of comfort.

Between traditional and unusual solutions, here are some tips on the shapes you can choose for a custom-made rug, regardless of the decorating style you choose.

Traditional or original shapes for a custom-made rug?

When choosing custom-made rugs, that of what shape to give them is one of the dilemmas that plagues principals the most. Is it better to choose a rug with a standard shape, or should you dare with something different from the usual? There is no one-size-fits-all answer, and each choice must be weighed, taking into account the characteristics of the house and the desired result.

Among the traditional forms, the most common and versatile solution is rectangular rugs. Whether small or large in size, rectangular items are appreciated for their versatility and ability to adapt to rooms of all sizes and decorating styles.

Square rugs are a more original alternative to rectangular pieces. They are often used in small-format patterns, for example, to enhance a corner of the living room or bedroom.

Round and oval custom-made rugs, often used in the living room in combination with a dining table of the same shape, also fall within the scope of traditional shapes. These patterns of the rounded shape are especially appreciated because they have the ability to visually group objects near them, creating a sense of cohesion that helps to better define spaces.

Round rugs can also find a place in large open-plan rooms, where multiple rugs of different sizes and colors can be placed, which can be used to create a kind of visual pathway within the room.

Those who want to depart from tradition without going overboard could opt for a geometrically shaped rug, asking for a custom pentagonal, hexagonal or octagonal pattern, or choosing a semicircle. These solutions are great in both indoor and outdoor spaces of the house, and could be the ideal solution for creatively decorating the entrance area.

Abstract shapes, on the other hand, are the preferred artistic expression of contemporary designers. Elegant custom-made rugs can also be made based on the customer’s designs and proposals.

What shapes for custom rugs? [Selection Guide]

Aspects to consider when choosing the shape of the custom-made carpet

To skim through the many choices, it is important to start with an analysis of the space to be furnished. A large open-plan living room offers more freedom of action than a small living room in which a square dining table is placed, for example. In the former case, one can consider many different solutions, from large rectangular rugs to overlapping rugs, while in the latter case one is almost obliged to choose a square rug in combination with the table.

The choice of the shape of the custom rug cannot be made without analyzing the type of room and the style of furniture chosen for the room. An abstract rug might not be the best choice for an elegant, classically furnished living room, while it might be perfect in a contemporary bedroom. It depends on the case.

The next step is to choose the number of rugs to be used to furnish the room and to define where each piece will be placed. If there is furniture that overlaps with the rug, it is important to check that the design is visible enough and that the whole works well.

What shapes for custom rugs? [Selection Guide]

What carpet shapes are best suited for each space in the home?

Rugs (custom or not) that have traditional shapes are generally recommended for the living area of the home. Consistency between the shape of the rug and the shape of the dining table or with the floor plan of the room helps to convey a sense of order, which makes for a comfortable environment.

On the other hand, for the bedrooms, the bathroom or the outdoor spaces of the house, you can take a few more liberties. That is, it is possible to dare with custom-made carpets with a slightly more original shape. One can also successfully resort to free forms for the playroom of the house or for the decor of a rustic house where one spends time with friends.

In any case, it should be remembered that, in custom projects, each model is designed and made taking into account in detail the requirements of the client and the peculiarities of the environment. From this point of view, custom design carpets turn out to be suitable for decorating all spaces in the house, even those that, at first glance, would seem to present more insurmountable constraints.

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