Rugs with relief design: how to choose them?

Design Jan 02.2022

Rugs with relief design: how to choose them?

Thanks to rugs with relief designs, you can decorate by adding an intriguing three-dimensional effect to the space. Unlike rugs with a flat design, relief patterns have an eye-catching look without having to resort to elaborate color schemes or complex patterns. For best results, it is important to consider the context in which they fit and to choose their layout carefully.

What do rugs with relief designs look like?

Unlike classic rugs, whose pile has the same height over the entire surface of the carpet, in the models with relief design the pattern has a different height than the rest of the carpet. This causes such rugs to have an almost three-dimensional appearance. The difference in the height of the pile also creates a play of light and shadow, which can be accentuated with the use of different materials or an original combination of colors.

Through embossing, the pattern chosen for the rug can be accentuated. It can be a floral motif, a geometric one or an abstract pattern. You can also opt for a rug that has a repeated pattern across the entire surface. Or you may decide for a rug with a unique pattern.

As with traditional rugs, a variety of materials can be used with rugs with relief designs. Wool offers softness and durability, while silk adds a touch of preciousness to the pattern. The density of the knots with which the rug is made affects its firmness and, consequently, that of the relief design. Using thin fibers results in a higher knot density, and therefore, a greater texture of the rug.

When to choose a luxury relief rug for your rooms?

Luxury relief rugs are an option to consider when furnishing a space with a modern, contemporary style.

When is furnishing a room with an embossed rug a good idea? It is, for example, whenever you want to bring the quality of a luxury rug into your home without having to resort to a traditional design. If in flat rugs the appearance depends solely on the color of the fibers and the design composed by the craftsmen, in rugs with an embossed design there is a third dimension that must be considered. We are talking about the height of the fibers. Even a monochromatic carpet, if you choose a relief design, can convey a feeling of movement and depth.

Another feature to consider is the fact that embossed rugs are usually thicker than other rugs. This makes them a great option when you want a thick, soft rug that can offer extra protection for your floors. And when you want an artifact with a greater ability to muffle sound.

Rugs with relief design: how to choose them?

Which relief rugs should you choose for your home?

In order to best appreciate the design of embossed rugs, it is best to place them in a large space, making sure that furniture does not cover them too much. For this reason, it is not recommended to use a luxury embossed rug under the dining table. On the contrary, it is a good idea to use embossed rugs to furnish large living areas in lofts and open spaces.

Due to its softness and elegance, a luxury rug with an embossed design is also a good solution for furnishing bedrooms. Models with subdued and neutral colors are perfect for rooms used by adults. On the other hand, playful and brightly colored designs are ideal for children’s rooms.

Hallways are another space in the house where you can make the most of the features of embossed rugs. In fact, the absence of furniture allows you to enhance the pattern of the carpet. In addition, the play of the height of the fibers can give personality to a space that is often a bit difficult to enhance.

To find the perfect model of rug with relief design, you need to carefully consider the color scheme. Colors that are too dark or saturated can weaken the three-dimensional effect of the design. Instead, neutral colors risk making the design too anonymous, especially if there is not enough color contrast with the floor and furniture in the room.

When you choose to decorate with an embossed carpet, you must pay special attention to the maintenance and cleaning of the artifact. The presence of an embossed design is likely to attract more dust, which may creep in between the fibres. To avoid the risk of dust accumulating on the carpet and increasing the allergens in the room, it is advisable to vacuum and dry clean the carpet more frequently than would be done with flat rugs.

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