Tabriz carpet: What is it and why do we choose it?

Design Sep 16.2021

Tabriz carpet: What is it and why do we choose it?

The Tabriz carpet is one of the most popular Persian carpet styles. For centuries, the Iranian city of Tabriz has been a reference point for the production of carpets of the highest quality. Unlike other Oriental cities, no single style has developed in Tabriz, but different weaving schools have produced various designs, resulting in beautiful carpets that have been used for prayer or everyday life.

How a Tabriz carpet is made

Tabriz is among the most important cities in Iran. It is the capital of the northwestern province of East Azerbaijan and has long been the city where traditional Persian carpet production was concentrated.

Depending on the school of the artisans and the era in which the carpets were made, Tabriz patterns can appear very different from each other. The type of fibre used for weaving also influences the quality and characteristics of Tabriz carpets.

In terms of materials, Tabriz carpets do not differ from other Oriental carpets. In most cases the pile is knotted from wool fibres, although the most exclusive carpets have silk inserts. What distinguishes Tabriz carpets from carpets made in other Persian cities is the knotting technique. The traditional Turkish symmetrical knot is used in Tabriz carpets, rather than the asymmetrical knot.

The type of processing and the characteristics of the materials chosen for the production of the carpet influence the thickness and firmness of the final product. The compactness of the carpet is indicated by the Raj, a unit of measurement that takes into account the number of knots in a portion of the carpet. The number of knots in a Tabriz carpet can vary considerably, ranging from around 90,000 knots per square metre in softer carpets to more than 1 million knots per square metre in higher quality carpets.

Typical patterns for Tabriz carpets

The city of Tabriz is home to a large number of carpet weavers and schools that have taught generations of craftsmen how to create beautiful handmade luxury carpets. Rather than just weaving carpets with a dominant pattern, the city’s craftsmen have created carpets that take up the most popular patterns throughout the Persian influence.

When talking about a Tabriz carpet, one therefore identifies the carpet by its geographical origin rather than by its style. We might find a Tabriz carpet with a central medallion surrounded by floral motifs, or we might find a smaller prayer rug with religious symbols. There are also carpets with regularly repeated motifs all over the surface, creating a symmetrical and detailed pattern. In some cases Tabriz carpets depict scenes from everyday life. One of the recurring motifs is that of the four seasons. In this type of decoration we can see the alternation of the different periods of the year through the representation of natural elements and scenes of rural life.

There is also considerable variety in the colours used in Tabriz carpets. The most common colours are red and blue for the decorations and beige as the background colour. There are also carpets with green details, especially in the case of carpets used for prayer, and carpets with pastel colours.

Tabriz carpet: What is it and why do we choose it?

Why choose a Tabriz carpet for your home?

Furnishing the rooms in your home with a Tabriz carpet is a sign of excellence and tradition. Ancient Tabriz carpets date back to the period between 1100 and 1500, and only later, thanks to international trade, did these masterpieces reach the West.

Thanks to the high quality of these carpets and the richness of their decoration, Tabriz carpets can be adapted to any context. A carpet of this type can be incorporated into a classic interior design as well as into a more contemporary room.

Warm, elegant and richly decorated, Tabriz carpets can successfully furnish any room in the home. While rugs in deeper colours and more intricate patterns can add personality to even the simplest of living rooms, rugs in lighter colours and pastel shades are an excellent choice for relaxing in the bedroom.

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