Shaggy carpets: how are they made? When should they be used?

DesignMaterials and techniques Oct 13.2023
Shaggy carpets

Shaggy carpets are the ideal solution if you want to create an elegant, warm and cosy interior design.

These textile artefacts have special characteristics, which should be considered with some care before deciding to choose them for an interior design project.

What makes shaggy carpets unique?

One of the most striking aspects of shaggy carpets is their softness. This is also one of the reasons why they are particularly popular.

The softness of pieces with a long pile is due to both the materials they are made of and the processing technique used. To create luxury carpets that have a long pile, mainly wool is used, selecting the warmest and strongest fibres.

These textiles, also often referred to as shaggy carpets, are made by attaching tufts of yarn to the base. This ensures that the fibres are not compacted as is the case with knotted pieces and allows one to literally touch their softness.

The fact that the fibres are long and soft not only gives the carpet a very distinctive look, but also makes it pleasant to the touch and perfect for all those rooms in the home where one usually walks barefoot.

The pile length of carpets can vary greatly from model to model. Considering the ideal fibre length is important in order not to make mistakes when furnishing your home. In particular, it is important to consider the context in which the long pile carpet is to be placed. If it is a living room or lounge in which there are armchairs or chairs, it is preferable to choose shorter fibres to avoid tripping or falling. On the other hand, if it is a bedroom, one can think of a carpet made of very long, soft and snug fibres.

Among the main advantages of shaggy carpets are their luxurious appearance and ability to create a warm and comfortable space, as well as their ability to cover imperfections in the floor and add a touch of elegance to any room.

Shaggy carpets

How can shaggy carpets be used in interior design?

Furnishing with shaggy rugs can radically transform the look and feel of a space, whatever style you choose for your furniture.

One of the most frequently used solutions when deciding to include a shaggy carpet in the home  is to place it in the living room. In this room, a long-pile piece answers the need to add softness, elegance and three-dimensionality to the space. Such a furnishing solution is ideal to create a cosy area in the location in question for relaxation and comfort. The ideal combination is with sofas and armchairs, preferably in large rooms with an open structure.

Another common solution is to place the long-pile carpet in the bedroom. One can decide to place it at the foot of the bed, if the objective is to add warmth and softness to the room, or to use it as a bedside rug, to provide a pleasant feeling of comfort every time you get in and out of bed.

A carpet that has a substantial pile is also an excellent choice for the entrance of the home. In this space, one can bring out the ability of this type of artefact to create a warm and cosy space. The only caution to take, if you choose to place a shaggy rug in the entrance, concerns the design of the piece. When choosing the colours and appearance of the product, take into account that it could easily get dirty and stained, so designs that can camouflage the presence of dust or stains are to be preferred.

Another tip? Shaggy carpets fit naturally into a modern furnished environment. The soft and warm appearance of such a textile product balances very well the clean lines and smooth surfaces that characterise modern furniture. These rug models also fit perfectly into boho-chic style environments, which are characterised by the presence of bright colours and various textures.

Shaggy carpets

How to choose the right long pile carpet for your interior design?

When it comes to choosing which type of long pile carpet to use in the interior design of a home, one of the aspects to be considered with the utmost care is the material used to make the product. The material not only influences the appearance of the carpet, but also the user experience and ease of maintenance. If one is looking for a product of real quality, the best solution is to go for a wool product. 

With regard to the size and shape of the carpet, the choice depends on the characteristics of the space to be furnished. As a general rule, it is preferable to furnish with large shaggy carpets, but with the help of experienced interior designers, small or unusually shaped shaggy carpets can also be integrated into the decor.

When reasoning about the design of the individual item, one must consider that long-pile models already have a look that does not go unnoticed. Solid-coloured models in neutral colours can also add personality to rooms and fill them visually. Therefore, colours and patterns must be dosed very carefully to avoid overloading the home space.

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