Wallpaper and carpet: how to match them? [Step-by-step guide].

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Wallpaper and carpet

The combination of wallpaper and carpet can profoundly influence the appearance of different rooms in the home. In fact, combining the design of these two interior design elements helps to achieve an elegant and neat result.

Entering a room where the carpet and wallpaper almost seem to dialogue with each other always conveys a perception of balance and refinement. And this is exactly what a successful interior design project should succeed in doing.

How to combine wallpaper and carpet?

Using wallpaper to decorate the walls of one or more rooms in the home is a brilliant idea, because it gives the room character and gives the space a precise identity. Indeed, wallpaper is the perfect solution on all those occasions when you want to achieve a result that is first and foremost personalised. And then it goes very well with luxury carpets !

Moreover, the fact that walls can be decorated with the most diverse colours and decors allows architects and interior designers to create projects that are truly tailor-made to the client’s wishes. The adhesion is much more faithful than can be achieved using paint.

In addition to decorating the room, wallpapers can also be used to achieve surprising results such as three-dimensional effects and optical illusions. Or to play with the depth of space. In short: the decorating possibilities are endless and the success of the project depends very much on the decorator’s ability to select the best wallpapers in terms of appearance and quality.

In the process of choosing wallpapers, one must not forget carpets. Specifically, wallpaper and carpet are the two main decorative elements in the room. It is therefore natural that a good balance should be created between the two.

Wallpaper and carpet: should they be chosen coordinated or contrasting?

The colours and designs chosen for wallpapers and luxury carpets can help to create a relaxing and pleasant ambience. Or, by contrast, they can determine a stimulating and intriguing ambience.

Choosing for customised designer carpets  and wall decorations a harmonious colour palette and perfectly matching decors makes the final look of the room very cosy.

The most immediate solution is to choose colours and patterns that are similar to each other. In this way, wallpaper and carpet look like a continuation of each other. And vice versa. This choice therefore guarantees a harmonious result and avoids the risk of too many different decorative patterns in the room. Which would be, for this specific furnishing objective, a mistake.

If you want to avoid having the same decorations and colours on the carpet and wallpaper, you can decide to choose contrasting wall decors. A wallpaper in very subtle colours can be balanced, for example, with a custom-made carpet in intense colours. Selecting opposite colours or contrasting curved and sinuous lines is a useful stratagem to maintain a certain balance.

One can also decide to create one’s own custom-made carpet by taking inspiration from the wallpaper chosen for the room in the house. Or, on the other hand, you can request a customised wallpaper to match the high-quality carpet in the room. Such a solution is ideal for those who want to be sure that the best choice about the combination of carpet and wallpaper is made in the specific room.

Wallpaper and carpet

How to find the right combination? Tips for matching customised carpet and wallpaper (in every room)

There are several aspects to be considered in order to be able to choose the best wallpaper and carpets to make every room in the house unique. Of course, it is necessary to consider what kind of room it is, but also to assess its brightness and the clutter given by the furniture.

Taking personal taste into account and drawing on the basic principles of colour theory further helps to narrow the field. This makes it possible to select the most suitable colour shades for customised carpets and different wallpapers, respectively.

Creating a mix of materials, decorative patterns and colours often proves to be the best strategy to give different weight to wallpaper and carpets, and to emphasise one or the other, as the case may be.

The use of floral patterns and references to the natural world is a good idea to bring freshness to the living area of the home. On the other hand, the use of soothing colours or ethnic-inspired designs is a good idea to furnish the sleeping area in an elegant way.

We have therefore seen that wallpaper and carpet are elements that cannot be considered separately. Any interior design project must therefore consider them very carefully if it wants to give balance and harmony to the efforts made during the design phase.

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