Luxury designer rugs: what are they? How to choose them?

DesignLuxury rugs Oct 15.2022
Luxury designer rugs

When we talk about luxury designer rugs, what do we mean? And how can you choose the most appropriate pieces for your furnishing needs?

In luxury designer rugs, the quality of craftsmanship, which characterises the production of handmade rugs, is combined with the involvement of the most talented and well-known international designers. The end result? Carpets of exceptional quality, both in terms of the materials used and in terms of aesthetics and artistry.

These artefacts can make the interior design of various types of environments special, such as domestic and contract.

What are the most obvious advantages of Luxury designer rugs?

Choosing a luxury designer carpet means having the certainty that the model is made from the highest quality materials and with excellent manufacturing techniques. In fact, the best handicraft workshops in the East and the finest yarns are selected for the production of designer carpets.

Thanks to the possibility of customising the designs by requesting customised shapes and sizes, each customer can obtain exactly the carpet that suits his or her specific needs.

This versatility of high-end designer carpets makes it possible to furnish any context, be it home or commercial, with great care. On the one hand, Luxury designer rugs can enhance a hotel, a starred restaurant or a boutique. On the other hand, they can complete the d├ęcor of a private flat, a loft or a villa.

Specifically, within a private home, Luxury designer rugs can be placed in every room, starting from the entrance area and ending on the terrace, through the living room, lounge, kitchen and bedrooms.

In each of the rooms in which they are placed, luxury carpets designed by the most influential designers bring a touch of colour and their own unique and refined style.

Depending on the influences that inspired the designers during the creation process, we can have pieces whose pattern is a tribute to art, classical or contemporary, or to the world of nature. At the same time, we can also find carpets that reproduce typical elements of interior design, such as geometric patterns or oriental motifs.

Luxury designer rugs suit different interior design purposes

Each luxury carpet is a unique piece that adds value to the space. Especially when it is created by a skilful designer. Indeed, this kind of artefact is the right choice for those who have decided to furnish a home or commercial space from scratch, but also for those who simply need to renew the look of an already furnished room in their home, office or shop.

When choosing the right designer carpet, it is necessary to keep in mind the objectives one wishes to achieve. The piece can in fact be the means to give a decisive personality to the space, it can rebalance the decor in a room where the furniture captures most of the attention, or it can become the tool to convey a precise message to those present.

Through their unique mix of colour and design, Luxury designer rugs are able to provoke deep emotions in people who enter the rooms in which they are placed. A designer carpet can evoke feelings of calm, relaxation and well-being, for example, but also evoke balance and naturalness. Bolder choices, on the other hand, suggest attention and research for original solutions that are able to reflect the particularities of the individual room.

Luxury designer rugs

How can spaces be enhanced with a high-quality designer carpet?

The most luxurious designer carpets have a look that certainly does not go unnoticed. They can be custom-made or standard-sized models: all of them succeed in tastefully decorating the room in which they are placed.

Depending on whether you are moving into a domestic or a commercial environment, the ways in which Luxury designer rugs are used are numerous. And they are all different. At home, it is advisable to make sure that the atmosphere in the carpet room is consistent with that of the other rooms nearby. In a hotel, boutique or representative office, on the other hand, the impact of the carpet will certainly be greater. Consequently, it is a priority to ensure that the artefact is enhanced in a manner appropriate to its prestige.

In order to make each carpet stand out in the best possible way, various aspects can be acted upon. Among these, lighting is one of the most important. A good balance between natural and artificial lighting brings the piece to the foreground and brings out all the colour nuances of its pattern. Introducing furnishing accessories in the room that echo the colours of the carpet also helps to create a more cared-for and impactful atmosphere.

Choosing Luxury designer rugs for your interior design project is a good idea. It is so both for those who cultivate a passion for interior design and for those with a superficial knowledge of the subject. In fact, designer carpets are able to add style, class and taste to the rooms in which they are placed and, thanks to the quality of the materials from which they are made, they are furnishing accessories that last over time and require relatively little maintenance.

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