How do you create a custom rug? The 4 stages of the custom design rug project

custom rugs Feb 25.2022

How do you create a custom rug? The 4 stages of the custom design rug project

Thanks to custom rugs, you can explore the endless possibilities offered by the ancient and fascinating art of luxury artifacts. Each custom rug is a unique pattern, embellishing the rooms that house it and carefully reflecting the personality of the space.

When you request the creation of a custom piece, the work is divided into several stages. At Nodus, we know this very well, because we offer our clients an excellent customization service for our high-design artifacts. In this post, we explain what the various steps are and how they should be addressed to get the custom rug of your dreams.

Your custom rug in 4 steps

The path from the idea of a custom rug to the delivery of the finished product takes some time, to do things with due care. For the most complex projects, the various stages can take up to a few months and require the involvement of various professionals.

Generally speaking, we can break down the process of making a custom-made carpet into four phases:

– the preliminary study of the space and furnishing objectives

– the definition of the characteristics of the carpet

– the processing of the product

– delivery of the custom-made rug

The preliminary study of the space and furnishing objectives, i.e. the feasibility of the project

In order to create a perfect custom-made rug, one cannot ignore the study of the environment that will host it. In this phase, generally, we proceed with the comparison between the client, interior decorator and designer. Starting from the physical and stylistic characteristics of the room, the most suitable types of carpet for the space are identified. It is a real feasibility study, especially if the client has specific requests about the size, processing technique, materials.

The decisions made at this stage can be different depending on whether you have to furnish a house or a work environment (an office, a showroom, a hotel, a bank, a private home, etc.). In order to make the right choices, it is also important to evaluate how the environment in which the carpet is inserted relates to the surrounding environments. All these evaluations are useful to define the atmosphere of the space and to be sure that the custom rug will be consistent with the client’s wishes.

How do you create a custom rug? The 4 stages of the custom design rug project

Defining the characteristics of the customized rug

Once the general outlines of the project have been defined, the next step is to choose the characteristics of the rug. It is at this stage that the ad hoc project takes shape and, from the idea, you go to put on paper every aspect of the carpet. The size, shape, materials, color and desired look of the rug must be chosen.

This phase of the customization project can take more or less time, depending on how clear the client and designer are about the end result they want to achieve. To come up with the perfect rug, you can rely on existing patterns to be adapted to the client’s specific needs, you can use designs and inspirations provided by the client or you can rely on the designer’s creativity.

The manufacturing phase

Now that the project has taken shape, we move on to the real phase of realization of the customized carpet. The design of the piece is transmitted to the knotting craftsmen, who will have the task of giving substance to the idea developed by the collaboration between the customer and the designer.

Depending on the desired characteristics of the final product, one can choose between a hand tufted rug and a hand knotted rug. Both techniques require experienced craftsmen who know how to treat the fibers in the best possible way and who know the different ways of knotting or tafting. This phase of the project is crucial to achieving a high quality product.

Woven carpets and patchwork carpets obtained by sewing and assembling various parts of carpets made from old models are less frequently chosen solutions, but they should be kept in mind as possible alternatives for the realization of custom-made carpets.

How do you create a custom rug? The 4 stages of the custom design rug project

The delivery phase of the custom-made rug

At the end of the process, when the customized rug has been finished and examined to evaluate its integrity, the product is ready to be delivered to the customer. At this point, the artifact can be placed inside the room and can show itself in all its beauty.

To preserve the qualities of the carpet over time, it is important to perform periodic maintenance and make sure to respect the characteristics of the fibers. Often when making custom rugs, fine fibers are used, such as high quality wools and silk, which need extra attention.

Making a custom rug is an enriching experience for both the client and the person handling the more technical aspects of the project. From the comparison of different points of view and from the union of the ideas of all the people involved, it is possible to create a unique piece that best expresses the style of the home or work environment and that has all the credentials to be considered a work of contemporary art. The customization of the carpet is a fascinating experience, which always gives prestige and a unique atmosphere to the spaces that will welcome the manufactured product.

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