Customized rugs for the kitchen: how to choose the right one

custom rugs Apr 02.2022

Customized rugs for the kitchen: how to choose the right one

When choosing rugs for the kitchen you have to take into account the fact that this is one of the busiest rooms in the house and where the risk of the rug being damaged by stains or wear is higher.

Custom rugs can be the ideal solution for a kitchen because, in addition to having a custom design and size, they are made of high quality fabrics, which make them more compact and easy to clean.

Why furnish the kitchen with a custom rug?

The carpet has the task of completing the decor of the kitchen and increase the comfort for those who frequent this room of the house. Compared to standard rugs, custom rugs are preferred when there is a need for a model with particular dimensions or design.

By being able to customize every aspect of the carpet, it is possible to request a model that is truly ideal for the room. Before even going into detail and defining the characteristics that the carpet should have, it is necessary to define a design that is consistent with the furniture chosen for the kitchen and the style of the house.

Making sure that the furniture elements are in balance with the environment is fundamental in any interior design choice. It is even more so in the kitchen, which is the environment around which family life takes place. In this space of the house, the carpet is the center of attention and you need to carefully choose the characteristics it will have, since it has the ability to influence the atmosphere you breathe and the way people interact with the room.

The ideal characteristics of luxury custom rugs for the kitchen

Generally, in custom-made rugs for the kitchen, the aspects on which to focus more attention are the size, materials and design.

When defining the ideal size of the carpet, it is necessary to consider the structure of the room and the arrangement of furniture. The most common solution is to furnish the kitchen with a long and narrow runner, arranged along the working triangle of the kitchen, that is, the area where the sink, stove and refrigerator are concentrated. When designing a kitchen with a linear or angular layout, we usually tend to concentrate these three functions in a small space, so as to optimize the ergonomics and functionality of the kitchen.

If the kitchen has a central or side island, you must carefully consider where to place the carpet. In the case where the island serves only as a worktop or snack area, the best solution is to keep the carpet close to the furniture installed on the wall. On the other hand, if the island is the space where the sink and / or the hob are located, you can design a single carpet to be placed near the island or create a set of customized rugs, to be distributed in the busiest points of the room.

When it comes to the choice of materials, there are two aspects to be considered with greater attention: first, the compactness of the carpet and, second, the ability to resist moisture, stains and wear. The two aspects are interconnected, since choosing quality fibers allows you to have a more compact and resistant structure and less prone to staining.

As for the design, much depends on the style chosen for the furniture. You can entrust the carpet with the task of giving color to the environment or you can choose a model with a more sober and delicate style.

Customized rugs for the kitchen: how to choose the right one

All the benefits of custom-made rugs in the kitchen

Custom-made rugs not only make the kitchen look better, but also safer. In fact, the carpet reduces the risk of falling due to wet or slippery floors. Equally important is the comfort provided by the carpet, which immediately makes the environment more cozy and warm. For these reasons, it is preferable to opt for a hand-knotted carpet, preferably made of wool fibers.

Knotting ensures that the carpet has a compact and durable structure. With the support of a non-slip mat, the rug remains anchored on the floor and shows off its beauty. A wool rug is also easier to clean and due to the fact that wool is a water repellent material, it tends to stain less easily.

The benefits of custom kitchen rugs often extend to other rooms in the home as well. In kitchens that open onto the living area, for example, it is possible to design rugs that provide visual continuity with the living room furniture, both in color and style. If the kitchen faces outdoors, however, in the design of the carpet tailored for the kitchen can be taken from the details of the furniture of terraces, balconies or gardens.

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