Undyed wool: a modern and functional yarn for luxury rugs

Materials and techniques Aug 21.2022
Undyed wool: a modern and functional yarn for luxury rugs

Undyed wool is one of the yarns to consider when you want to furnish your home with luxury rugs with great appeal.

Undyed wool is a yarn that retains all the positive characteristics of wool, plus it offers the advantage of enjoying the beauty of the material left in its natural state. Thanks to the many shades available, you can choose from a wide range of fine carpet patterns that have a pile with the original colors of the yarn.

Why choose undyed wool for rugs in your home?

Using undyed wool in the production of carpets makes for perfect patterns for those who are looking for natural and sustainable furnishings.

In recent years, the demand for this kind of furnishing accessory has been increasing greatly. It goes without saying, therefore, that undyed wool rugs are excellent solutions for tasteful and elegant furnishings.

In rugs made of undyed wool, yarns obtained from various animals and from different parts of the world can be used. Combining the softest and strongest yarns, obtained from animals raised in geographical areas of excellence, results in truly superlative carpets with extraordinary comfort and unparalleled charm.

Specifically, for the production of undyed luxury rugs, wools of the highest quality are used, obtained from animals living in the highlands of Tibet, Turkey, Mongolia or Iran.

In addition to sheep wool, goat wool, camel wool and yak wool are also excellent. Other yarns of excellent quality are those made from South American animals, such as alpaca and vicuna. In the production of luxury carpets, one can decide to use only one type of wool, such as merino wool, mohair, or cashmere, or to make a mix of wools and thus take advantage of the characteristics of various yarns, with the goal of finding the perfect combination for the project.

Undyed wool: a modern and functional yarn for luxury rugs

What are the best patterns for rugs made of undyed wool?

The absence of a dye means that the design enhances the natural hues of the rug. Those who think that this type of craftsmanship has little personality should think again: there are a variety of colors available (ranging from snow-white to black, through various shades of brown) that make it possible to create beautiful patterns.

The solutions most often resorted to when making undyed wool rugs are plain patterns or patterns with simple geometric patterns. Patterns that take advantage of geometric lines and figures are wonderfully suited to minimal and contemporary style furnishings. The most common choice features light-colored wool interspersed with darker wool inserts. Among the most common designs are colorful framed rugs or rugs made with oblique geometric lines.

Since there are no constraints related to the design of the rug, custom designs of even unusual and original shapes can be created with undyed wool. When customizing the rug, you can also decide to use a mix of materials, or you can opt to add a color accent. The options are endless, and you can truly create something unique, designed specifically to enrich the space to be furnished.

The Hymalaian Undyed line of rugs from Nodus is an excellent example of this. These are patterns obtained from wools sourced from the Himalayan area. All the artifacts allow one to appreciate the many nuances the yarn takes on. Among the most intriguing and striking patterns are those created by Bartoli Design that pay homage to the most fascinating peaks of the world’s highest mountain range.

How to make the most of undyed wool rugs in furniture?

The use of an undyed yarn should not be seen as a disadvantage, far from it. Enhancing the natural tones of wool allows the luxury rug to take center stage and makes it easier to find a balance point between the furniture and the rest of the decor.

The most successful combination is between artistic luxury rug patterns in undyed wool and Scandinavian-style furniture. In such furniture, simplicity and clean lines play the leading role and create a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.

An undyed wool rug can also be juxtaposed with great success with traditional style furniture and solid wood. Or it can be juxtaposed with pop and colorful furnishings.

The wools used to make this the rugs described above are fine and, at the same time, very durable. This mix of characteristics allows the rugs to be used throughout the home, including the busiest areas, such as the entryway, living room, and hallways. In short: undyed wool artifacts are certainly a modern choice, but also a very functional one.

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