The ideal custom-made rug for a jewellery store

custom rugs Sep 23.2021

The ideal custom-made rug for a jewellery store

Jewellery stores are spaces that encapsulate luxury, beauty and exclusivity. A custom-made carpet for a jewellery shop allows you to furnish these shops with class and to welcome your customers in a pleasant and refined environment. In a jewellery store, the carpet must work in synergy with the other furnishings to enhance the jewellery on display and make it the star attraction.

The role of luxury rugs in the furnishings of a jewellery store

Carpets are an important element of the jewellery store’s interior design. Together with wall coverings, displays, lighting and interior design accessories, it contributes to the identity of the shop. But a carpet is also much more: depending on the type of atmosphere you want to create in the shop, a carpet can help convey an idea of refinement and exclusivity or of elegant accessibility.

The design, colour and style of the ideal carpet for a jewellery store should also be defined by thinking about the route customers will take through the store. The choices can be different, for example, if you decide to place a carpet at the entrance of the jewellery store or if you opt for the creation of a sort of living room equipped with sofas and armchairs where you can present your jewellery collection to your customers.

The ideal custom-made rug for a jewellery store

Why choose a custom-made carpet for a jewellery store?

A custom-made carpet is always the best choice for the furnishing of a jewellery store. Customisation allows you not only to decide on the best size for the carpet, but also to define its style and appearance in a unique way.

You can create a carpet with standard proportions, or you can create a one-of-a-kind piece that reflects the shape and design of the jewellery store’s logo. You can also create a customised design, mixing styles and colours in an original way. In the case of a jewellery store with a sumptuous and richly detailed décor, an oriental-inspired carpet could be designed, but with references to the values and identity of the jewellery store. A shop with a minimalist and brightly lit interior can be complemented with a light-coloured carpet with a simple appearance and strict lines.

Generally speaking, the size and style of the custom-made carpet should be chosen with the type of atmosphere you want to create and the type of customer you are targeting in mind. For a high-end clientele looking for high-value jewellery created by internationally renowned goldsmiths, every detail of the interior design project needs to be simply perfect, including the carpet.

How to include a custom-made carpet in the interior design of a jewellery store

Choosing the right custom-made carpet to furnish a jewellery store involves carefully studying the aims of the interior design project. The carpet should fit ideally into a larger jigsaw puzzle of furniture, lighting and upholstery. Each of these components contributes to creating the best possible context for the presentation and display of men’s and women’s watches and jewellery.

The furniture should serve as both display and storage and immediately define the character of the jewellery. Smooth surfaces and straight lines convey contemporaneity and rigour, while furniture made of worked wood and warm colours communicate tradition, slow rhythms and have an almost artisanal feel.

The position of the carpet in the shop also contributes to emphasising the more traditional or modern aspects of the jewellery. If the interior of the shop is visible from the shop window, the carpet can be placed in the area close to the entrance, while if the shop window is closed by panels, the interior of the shop can be designed differently. Depending on the way you have decided to display the jewellery, you can place the rugs under or near the main counter or create display islands around the rug.

There are many possible configurations and the choice of the best solution depends essentially on the type of jewellery you want to create, as well as the constraints and opportunities identified by the person following the project. Opting for a custom-made carpet for a jewellery shop is one of the few fixed points: having a unique carpet made specifically for that point of sale communicates the care with which the furniture has been designed and helps to capture the public’s attention.

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