The 5 most common questions about a custom-made rug

custom rugs Nov 19.2021

The 5 most common questions about a custom-made rug

Those who choose to furnish with a custom rug the house, the office or a particular space such as a boat may have doubts, curiosity or questions about how to best define the characteristics that the product should have. We have collected the 5 most frequent questions on the subject: below you will find the answers to the most common doubts about custom rugs. 

What is the ideal size for a custom rug?

A luxury custom rug can be made in many custom sizes. Potentially, you can get rugs of any size: from small rugs that can be used in the entrance area of the house to extra-large rugs that are useful both in the home in the presence of lounges or particularly large rooms and in environments other than the home.

Hotels, for example, usually need to have a customized product that is able to adapt to the size of the lobby or other common areas. Offices and stores also need non-standard size carpets. As a general guideline, it can be said that the ideal size of a custom rug is the one that fits the space to be furnished, regardless of what standard is normally referred to.

What design can be chosen for a custom rug?

Being able to request a custom-made rug allows you to receive a model with the design you prefer. You can opt for a rug with a more classic look or a contemporary design.

When choosing the design, the client’s preferences and the purpose of the furniture project must be taken into account. For contract clients and professional projects, elegant and understated designs are generally used. On the other hand, for domestic projects you can also dare with bright colors and bold patterns, if the furniture style allows it.

The 5 most common questions about a custom-made rug

How much time does it take to make a custom rug?

The time it takes to make a custom rug depends on the desired characteristics of the chosen pattern. The size and shape of the rug greatly influence the time it takes to make it. However, the design and processing technique chosen also have a bearing on the time it takes to produce the carpet.

Generally speaking, the more you deviate from the standard sizes and shapes, the more time it will take to complete the work. And don’t forget the role played by the material: the time it takes to knot a large rug made of fine, high-quality wool yarn will be longer than the time required for a rug made of a coarser yarn.

The 5 most common questions about a custom-made rug


What shape can custom carpets have?

Thanks to customization, you can get carpets of any possible shape. For home environments, you can request rectangular, square or circular rugs. These basic shapes are well suited to the rooms of the house and, acting on the size, allow you to enhance the decor of living rooms, living rooms, bedrooms and hallways.

By requesting a custom rug, you can also get rugs of other geometric shapes – rhombuses, ovals, parallelepipeds -, which can be used to give a touch of originality to the spaces.

It is also possible to create irregular shapes, inspired by elements that really exist or working with imagination. The freedom and variety offered by contemporary custom carpets allow you to dress up any space in a unique and special way. The combination of form, design, color and pattern guarantees a luxurious, unique and distinctive piece of work. Graduations of colors and embossed patterns, for example, can give the illusion of a three-dimensional design, while a representation of the company logo helps to strengthen the brand image and identify it in the eyes of customers.

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