Why customise rugs for your home

custom rugs Nov 19.2021

A luxury carpet is a long-lasting investment. That’s why it’s so important to choose a carpet that fits in perfectly with your home. Customising your carpets allows you to find the perfect shade of style that reflects your taste and respects your home environment. More importantly, it allows you to furnish your home with a unique design.

The advantages of furnishing your home with custom-made luxury carpets

A luxury carpet brings warmth to the home, protects the floor and creates a pleasant and cosy atmosphere. In addition, a customised pattern blends perfectly into the room.

Customisation makes it possible to find the ideal configuration according to the characteristics of the space to be furnished and the result you want to achieve. Through a made-to-measure project, the size and dimensions of the carpet can be defined, as well as the right texture, colours and materials for each room in the house.

Within the same house, the furnishing needs of the living area and the sleeping area can be different. While in the living area, aesthetics and the balance between the carpet and the furniture are priorities, in the sleeping area the focus is more on comfort. With a customised design, you can choose a set of carpets made in a consistent colour palette and with different textures designed to suit each room. Or you can decide on carpet designs that differ in colour tones and textures, so that each room in your home has its own unique character.

What to consider when choosing a customised carpet

In order to come up with an application for customised carpets that is as precise and effective as possible, several things need to be considered. These aspects have to do both with the characteristics of the space to be furnished and with the final result you want to obtain.

First of all, you need to consider the size of the room and the type of environment the carpet will fit into. A large open-plan living room and a guest room have different furnishing needs that must be taken into account in the customisation project.

The type of flooring in the house and the lighting in the room also need to be assessed and, if necessary, modified. This is to find the perfect configuration with carpets. There should be a good balance between carpets and floors, both in terms of materials and colour.

The furniture and furnishings should also not be forgotten. One of the main benefits of customised carpets is that you can create a unique pattern, which ensures a perfect balance with all the other elements in the room. This balance has to be sought in the colours as well as in the style of the furniture. Through the combination of custom-made furniture and carpets, you can create various stylistic nuances and come closer to your ideal style.

The endless possibilities of customised rugs

Choosing customised carpets for your home means furnishing with unique and special creations, made to measure to make the most of your home environment. Customisation is a must when it comes to furnishing rooms of unusual size or shape, as in the case of a bedroom in a loft, for example. This can also apply to a living room with a curved wall or a large open space.

Placing a custom-made carpet in the home allows the correct proportions and distances between walls and furniture to be respected. Custom-made carpets can also be used to delimit different rooms in the house and to characterise spaces without having to use partitions or bulky furniture.

Carpets with original shapes can help convey a feeling of movement and dynamism to the space. On the other hand, carpets whose shapes are inspired by natural elements, such as leaves and flowers, help to give a sense of vitality and lightness to rooms.

Customising carpets means putting your personal signature on the design and giving yourself a piece of furniture that exactly reflects the style of the person living in your home. Defining the shape, size, texture and colour of carpets allows you to build a space that acts as a refuge to relax in when you take a break, an inspiring environment or a space that exudes energy and drive. Whatever the desired result of carpet customisation, the help of designers and interior design experts makes it possible to fulfil every wish.

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