How to furnish a guest room with one or more luxury rugs

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How to furnish a guest room with one or more luxury rugsThe guest room is a room in the house that needs to be furnished with care. When planning the furnishings and choosing the style of this area of the house, efforts should be made to create as warm and welcoming an atmosphere as possible. Luxury carpets can give a big hand in achieving this.

What principles should you follow when decorating your guest room with a stunning carpet?

Visiting parents, old friends, friends of their children… the guest room can accommodate very different people. In order for everyone to feel comfortable, it is essential to create a cosy environment that promotes relaxation and well-being.

The various elements that make up the furnishings of the room should be chosen with the feelings you want to evoke in your guests in mind. It is preferable to furnish the room in the same style as the rest of the house, but with the most basic furniture possible. Only the necessary furniture and decorations should be included to achieve a pleasant and balanced result.

Of course, a sleeping system should be chosen to ensure comfort and a good night’s sleep and it should be ensured that the room is well lit at all times of the day. The room should be organised in a versatile way: it should be possible to easily change the arrangement of the furniture, if the guests have special needs, or to add or remove elements to meet the needs of the guests.

The best colours for the guest room are those that evoke positive feelings and promote relaxation. The range of colours from pastel blue to navy blue is a perfect solution for different types of guests. You can choose a single shade to be used as the predominant colour in the room fabrics, or select a harmonious palette to be used for the wall colour, fabrics and main decoration.

Other colours that are particularly suitable for guest rooms are neutral tones. Beige, dove grey and the whole range of earthy colours warm the atmosphere and make the room look elegant with little effort. Pink is also a calming colour and can create a cosy and warm guest room. This colour goes particularly well with rooms that feature wooden elements, such as exposed beams and parquet floors, and can be made to stand out when used in combination with grey.

Create a guest room: the comfort and prestige of luxury rugs

Luxury rugs are an essential element in creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere in the guest room. The carpet makes waking up and getting into bed more comfortable and can make the space for relaxation more ‘cocooning’.

Depending on the size of the guest room, you can choose to place a single large rug under the bed, extending all the way to the bedside area, or you can place bedside rugs on either side of the mattress.

In larger guest rooms, a small relaxation area with armchairs and a low table can be used for a drink at the end of the day or to stop and read a good book. A luxury contemporary art rug helps to define and give character to this area of the room. A round model is ideal for this purpose. The round shape immediately draws attention and clearly defines the area of the room dedicated to small daily pleasures. For even more comfort, you can decide to insert a long-pile carpet: this solution is particularly suitable when you want to create a room with a warm atmosphere that encourages slow and relaxed rhythms.

When it comes to colours and graphics for luxury carpets in the guest room, it is best to choose carefully. This means focusing on simplicity and looking for a carpet that complements the decor in a harmonious way without excess. If you want to give movement to the environment you can choose rugs with floral designs or with simple geometric patterns. The carpet should also be chosen taking into account the type of floor in the room: to make the carpet stand out on a marble floor you can choose dark and intense colours, while if the room has a wooden floor you can opt for a carpet in neutral tones or with an original optical effect.

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