The best luxury rugs for parquet floors [Selection guide].

Luxury rugs Nov 27.2021

The best luxury rugs for parquet floors [Selection guide].

When choosing the right luxury rug to furnish a room, you should not only consider the aesthetic appearance of the model, but also its practical effects. As well as furnishing, the carpet also protects the floor and influences the way the space is perceived. In homes with parquet flooring, it is important to choose delicate luxury rugs that blend in with the colour and characteristics of the wood species chosen for the home.

The benefits of combining parquet and luxury rugs

There are many fans of wooden floors. The qualities of wood are numerous and make this material ideal for creating comfortable and elegant floors.

First and foremost, wood is versatile and durable. The floor can be laid all over the house and fits perfectly in living and sleeping areas. If you choose wood that is resistant to humidity and temperature changes, you can extend the laying of parquet to the kitchen and bathroom, giving uniformity to the whole house. Thanks to the insulating capacity of parquet, wooden floors are warm and the natural tones of the wood also make the floor warm to the eye.

The combination of parquet and luxury rugs works very well, because it can bring out the characteristics of both elements. Placing a luxury carpet in the room primarily emphasises the elegance of the wood and offers even more warmth and comfort to the room.

The carpet is particularly suitable for the busiest areas of the house, such as hallways, living areas and bedrooms. In these areas, the luxury carpet can protect the floor better, reducing the risk of scratches and bumps. For additional protection, it is important to place an anti-slip mat between the floor and the parquet. Such a solution offers a double protection: it increases the safety of those walking on the carpet and further protects the floor.

Using luxury rugs also helps to characterise the different rooms in the house, giving a unique and different look to the space, while still being able to rely on the overall coherence of having one type of floor throughout the house.

The best luxury rugs for parquet floors [Selection guide].

Which rugs to choose for the parquet floors in your home?

In order to find the right combination of parquet floor and carpet, one can start by assessing the colours in the house. Generally speaking, a dark wooden floor can be made to stand out with a light-coloured or neutral-coloured carpet. Conversely, if you have chosen light parquet or bleached wood for your home, you can also be daring with dark or brightly coloured rugs.

Before choosing a carpet model, it is important to carefully consider the characteristics of the wood in your home. Many woods tend to darken over time, while some woods may lighten with time and exposure to the sun.

The way in which the parquet is laid also influences the process of choosing the carpet. If a herringbone pattern has been chosen or if mosaics or designs have been laid on the floor, it is advisable to choose a carpet with neutral tones and simple designs. This is to enhance the floor itself and not to risk overloading the furniture with too many details.

The best luxury rugs for parquet floors [Selection guide].

The ideal characteristics of luxury rugs for homes with parquet floors

The best rugs for parquet floors are made of wool. Even with underfloor heating, wool rugs offer comfort, protection and safety, as well as being very elegant.

The choice of colours and patterns varies, depending on the room you are decorating and the type of parquet you have. Light-coloured parquet such as oak leaves a lot of freedom of choice. You can choose an oriental inspired carpet for the living area and a carpet with relief textures or floral patterns in the bedrooms. With a dark floor such as teak or iroko, luxury long-pile rugs in light wool and rugs in neutral or pastel tones are ideal.

To prevent the carpet from leaving marks on the floor, it is important to roll it out periodically. Alternatively, you can choose an extra-large carpet that only leaves a small portion of the parquet uncovered, thus minimising the risk of the sun and the ageing of the wood causing stains to form on the floor.

The ideal luxury carpet for homes with parquet flooring also takes into account the personal taste of the person living in the house and the predominant furnishing style. A dark wooden parquet floor, for example, is ideal for a classic and elegant style of furnishing, while a rough floor is the best choice for a rustic style of furnishing. For those who like a contemporary or Nordic style, a light or bleached parquet floor is the best choice.

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