Unique shaped rug: what does it look like? How can it be incorporated into a furnishing scheme?

DesignLuxury rugs Mar 08.2024
Unique shaped rug

When it comes to adding personality and character to a domestic space, few elements can achieve a result comparable to that which can be achieved by furnishing with a unique shaped rug.

These textile artefacts are not only functional elements to protect floors and improve the thermal and acoustic insulation of spaces, but can also be considered true masterpieces of art and craftsmanship that can transform rooms into original and elegant spaces.

Why is it a good idea to furnish the rooms of a house with a unique shaped rug?

One of the main reasons why it is worth adding a unique shaped rug to your décor is its distinctive and original design. These pieces do not follow conventional patterns, but rather challenge the rules of traditional design, offering patterns that are unique and catch the eye of all guests.

Often, the original shaped patterns are the result of the work of the experienced and talented designers who conceived them and that of the meticulous craftsmen who transformed the ideas of the creatives into finished products of priceless beauty.

It is undeniable that rugs with a unique shape have an inherent charm. This is due both to the natural curiosity aroused by something that looks new and different from what one already knows and to the ability of these products to give rooms a modern, young and fresh air. Thanks to their unusual shape and contemporary design, in short, unique rugs bring dynamism and liveliness to spaces in any location, no matter if it is a home or a business.

What makes unique shaped rugs irresistible is not only their aesthetic appearance, but also their strong decorative power. Since they can effortlessly capture attention, one can resort to this kind of rug whenever there is a need to add a focal element to the décor or when an original element of disruption is needed.

What influences the choice of a unique shaped rug?

Unique shaped rug

When it comes to choosing a unique shaped rug, it is a good idea to identify the approximate dimensions of the item from the outset, taking into account the characteristics of the space in which it is to be placed.

In order to identify the ideal rug, it is equally important to keep in mind the arrangement of the surrounding furniture, so as to understand how best to arrange the individual piece, to enhance it and not to create overlaps with the furniture.

The choice of material to be used for the rug is also a priority, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also in terms of user experience. In addition to considering the qualities, advantages and disadvantages of each material, it is also important to check what processing technique is used . The way the fibres are processed, in fact, influences strength and durability.

The ease of cleaning the product is another aspect that should not be underestimated. Since unique shaped rugs are often chosen to be centre-stage and are usually found in the busiest rooms of the house, keeping them clean is a must. Opting for a knotted rug with a dense structure is the best choice in this respect.

Choosing the right material is also decisive for a pleasant rug texture. Especially if one is in the habit of walking around the house barefoot, having a soft and cosy rug can enhance the user experience.

What decisions should be made to enhance a unique shaped rug?

Although unique shaped rug can decorate any space, positioning them in the right way is crucial to ensure that they make any room special.

To ensure that the rug stands out properly, it is advisable to place it in an area where it is highly visible. In this way, the originality of the shape takes centre stage and captures attention. In a living room, for example, one can consider placing the rug next to a sofa, under a coffee table or even hanging on the wall.

If the rug is to be combined with modern, minimalist furniture, it is preferable to opt for linear shapes, while in an eclectic environment one can make room for rugs with eccentric and imaginative shapes.

When dealing with a unique shaped rug, i.e. a very original piece, the risk of exaggeration and an over-the-top result is always just around the corner. Therefore, knowing how to find the right balance is really crucial.

Achieving a harmonious result also depends on the choices made regarding colours and lighting. The colours of the walls, furniture and accessories should be selected in such a way as to make the artefact stand out without overpowering it. Proper lighting, then, can highlight the beauty and shape of the rug and bring out its colour nuances.

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