Striped rugs: what does it look like? How to make the ideal choice according to your interior design?

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Striped rugs

With their striped patterns, striped rugs are a choice that never goes out of fashion. In today’s post, we share a step-by-step guide to choosing them and using them in all kinds of locations.

In particular, these artefacts can be successfully placed within rooms furnished in traditional or contemporary styles and always guarantee a refined aesthetic that withstands the passage of time and the succession of design trends.

What are the advantages of furnishing a room with one or more striped rugs?

Furnishing with striped rugs is a good idea to be able to exploit all the charm of a timeless and versatile design, which brings a touch of elegance and liveliness to living spaces. These artefacts, with their linear design, integrate perfectly with any furnishing style and manage to become a distinctive element of any room.

Striped rugs are an excellent weapon at the disposal of those who wish to liven up their spaces. Even in their most basic versions, stripes add dynamism and visual movement to rooms, creating a visually appealing effect. This helps to break up monotony and make spaces more interesting and welcoming. And this is even more true when we talk about custom-made rugs.

Specifically, choosing to furnish a room with striped rugs is also a good idea to save time and resources when furnishing spaces. These pieces are in fact very easy to match with other furnishings and accessories. How so? Thanks to their simple geometry, they blend harmoniously with a wide variety of furniture and accessories. They can be combined with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and other furnishing elements without creating unpleasant contrasts, but rather emphasising the overall style of the room.

What should be considered when choosing a striped carpet?

The first aspect to evaluate when considering furnishing with striped rugs is the material from which the product is made . This choice is really crucial because it affects not only the aesthetic appearance of the pattern, but also its durability and ease of maintenance. Rugs made of natural fibres, such as wool or cotton, are the most suitable options if you want a quality product that is comfortable and gives a pleasant feel.

The workmanship of the carpet is another element to be considered with great care. Individual items can be woven, knotted, tufted, long pile or short pile and, depending on the case, one option or another may be preferred.

Woven rugs are often the lightest and are ideal for rooms that are not heavily trafficked. In contrast, knotted models offer greater strength and durability and are perfect for the busiest rooms in the home, such as the living room and lounge. Tafted rugs, on the other hand, which are made with a technique that makes them very soft and comfortable, are however not suitable for high levels of traffic.

As far as fibre thickness is concerned, it should be noted that striped rugs that have a long pile are an excellent solution for adding comfort and warmth to spaces. On the other hand, short pile models are preferable if you are looking for a practical and flexible solution that requires little maintenance.

Striped rugs

Carpet colours are another key element and play a very important role in harmonising room furnishings. In order to choose the right carpet, it is important to consider the existing colour palette in the room and to opt for products that blend in harmoniously or create a pleasant contrast with the colours already identified. Since carpet stripes can vary in tone and intensity, the perfect style for the room can be defined.

How to find the right striped carpet for the specific interior?

The search for the perfect striped rug is a process that requires a thorough understanding of one’s needs and the environment in which the specific artefact will be placed.

Whether it is to add warmth and comfort to a dining room or to create a focal point in an entrance hall, establishing the furnishing objective will help direct your search towards the textile patterns that are most consistent with your needs.

The area in which you want to place the carpet is another aspect to consider carefully. Measuring the available space and determining the arrangement of the furniture will help define the perfect size of the pattern.

This is not the end of the story. The choice of colours is indeed crucial to ensure that the carpet blends harmoniously with the elements already in the room. Consequently, analysing the colour palette of the existing furnishings and walls can steer the choice towards striped rugs with more or less dark tones or towards more or less colourful patterns.

One last useful tip. Considering the predominant furnishing style is also important. If the décor is characterised by clean, modern lines, a striped rug with a contemporary design might be the best choice of décor. Conversely, in a more classic environment, rugs with traditional patterns can offer a touch of true elegance.

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