The soft rug: what does it look like? How to incorporate soft rugs into a furnishing project?

DesignHome Dec 25.2023
soft rug

Immersing oneself in a cosy environment that has been enriched by the presence of a soft rug is an everyday luxury that can transform the home into a true refuge of comfort.

The softness of the fibres used to make this particular type of rug can add an irresistible touch of personality to spaces, giving a real tactile dimension to the atmosphere in the room.

What are the reasons for choosing a soft rug?

Made from soft fibres and processed using techniques that enhance the qualities of the yarns, soft rugs are a hymn to delicacy and comfort. The fibres used are not only aesthetically appealing, but also offer a luxurious feel underfoot, creating an atmosphere that is characterised by warmth and softness.

Analysing the structure of these artefacts, it can be seen that in most cases these are thick textile products. This not only makes these rugs visually fill the space, but also provides an incredibly soft surface to walk on, inviting one to relax.

What makes soft rugs even more irresistible is their versatility. Besides being an aesthetic complement, they are also a practical solution for improving well-being in the home. Their ability to absorb sound, for example, contributes to a peaceful and serene environment, while their resistance to wear and tear makes them suitable for any room, from the bedroom to the living room.

The choice of colours for soft rugs is equally flexible. When choosing colours for this piece of furniture, you can range from neutral and delicate tones  to bolder shades, without fearing that the overall atmosphere will suffer.

Choosing a soft rug that is also a luxury piece  represents an investment that goes beyond artistic and economic value. These artefacts actually allow you to create a space that embraces your lifestyle and stimulates the senses, transforming rooms in your home into small oases of serenity.

What characteristics should an ideal soft rug have?

When it comes to choosing the perfect soft rug, several factors play a key role in ensuring comfort and style. Firstly, the right thickness of the rug must be taken into account. While it is true that thick models guarantee unparalleled softness, it is also true that less thick pieces are more practical to handle. if they need to be moved, and they obstruct furniture, doors and chairs less.

Another aspect to consider is the way soft rugs are made. The softest models are the taftati ones and, in particular, the long-pile ones. Classic hand-knotted rugs are also an interesting option. They are luxurious and handcrafted with the utmost respect for the quality of the yarns.

The material is another aspect to consider very carefully. Wool, with its natural softness and durability, is the first choice for those looking for a quality rug. In addition to sheep’s wool, the use of goat, camel and alpaca wool, for example, can be considered. Those who want a vegetable alternative can consider cotton, viscose and bamboo silk.

Finally, the size of the soft rug and its placement must be carefully considered. A large piece can be useful for defining and uniting spaces, while a smaller rug may be ideal for accentuating certain areas of the home.

How to use soft rugs in home furnishing?

soft rug

Introducing soft rugs into the home is a great way to add warmth and style to any room, transforming spaces into small refuges of comfort.

The bedroom is the most natural setting in which to place a soft rug, but there are many opportunities to take advantage of the softness of this product.

In bedrooms, it is a good idea to place the soft rug under the bed to cover the area extending to the sides of the mattress. Getting out of bed in the morning will make waking up a real pleasure. To promote a feeling of rest and relaxation, light and enveloping shades such as pastel or neutral colours are preferred.

Soft rugs can also ideally decorate areas of the home where the family gathers, such as the living room and living room. In these areas of the home, a soft rug can be placed at the foot of the sofa or at the dining table area. For a result close to one’s own desires, one can play with colours and patterns until one finds the combination that ties in harmoniously with the rest of the furnishings.

Finally, you can also consider placing soft rugs in the hallways and entrance area of the house. This placement is ideal if you want to create a sense of welcome and comfort in everyone who enters your home.

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