Rug thickness: how to choose the right height for an artifact?

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Rug thickness: how to choose the right height for an artifact?

The thickness of the rug is one of the elements of its structure that most influences its appearance and comfort.

The choice between a thin rug and a thicker one, therefore, is not only aesthetic, but is also related to the sphere of feelings that one wants to associate with the rug. When going through the process of choosing the rugs with which to furnish your home, in addition to colors and style, it is also crucial to take into account the thickness of the item, so that you can select the one that provides the desired level of softness.

Everything you need to know about the thickness of luxury rugs

The thickness of luxury rugs, that is, the height of the artifact, varies depending on the composition of the product and the type of yarn used. By using the same yarn and using different processing techniques, we will have rugs of very different thicknesses. The woven rug will be the one with the least thickness, while hand-knotted and tafted rugs will have a greater thickness. The ultimate height of the rug will depend as much on the thickness of the yarn as on the compactness of the workmanship.

As a general rule, hand-knotted rugs have the greatest degree of variability: the thickness of the article may be more or less pronounced, depending on the size of the yarn used and the way in which the fibers are fastened.

Generally, depending on thickness, rugs are classified into three groups. When the thickness is less than 0.6 centimeters, it is referred to as thin rug. With a thickness between 0.6 and 1.2 centimeters, it is called a rug with a medium thickness. Finally, with a thickness of more than 1.2 centimeters, it is called a high rug.

Oriental rugs processed according to traditional techniques in most cases have a low thickness. If we broaden the field to contemporary rugs, however, we notice greater variety. The fewer constraints that influence rug making mean that one can choose thin rugs as well as very tall, short-pile or long-pile rugs.

Rug thickness: how to choose the right height for an artifact?

How to choose the right rug height?

The thickness of the rug affects the aesthetics of the rug as well as its functionality and softness. When considering the choice of a high or low rug, you need to find the best balance between all these aspects.

When you want to prioritize the softness of the rug, it is preferable to go for taller models, while in the case where the focus is on functionality, it is better to opt for a thin rug, which is more versatile and easier to care for.

Among the elements in favor of thin rugs should be noted the greater compactness of the structure and greater ease of cleaning. Lightweight and easy to move, these items can furnish any space in the home and require little maintenance.

Thick rugs are softer both to the eye and to the touch. The greater height of the rug also makes them models with a strong personality, suitable for decorating the most important rooms in the home. In fact, they are capable of visually filling even particularly large rooms.

What thickness to choose for rugs to be placed in the home?

Since thickness also affects the functionality of the rug, the choice of height of different models used for home furnishings should not be underestimated.

Rugs with a low or intermediate thickness are preferred in the busiest rooms of the house. The low height of the rug makes it easier to clean and less likely to get dirty or stained. Thin, woven or knotted rugs are good options for decorating the entryway, hallways, kitchen, and living room.

In contrast, thicker rugs are suitable in less frequented rooms of the home, such as bedrooms or the study. In these spaces, the rug should provide comfort and help build a cozy atmosphere. A tall rug, perhaps with a long pile, is perfect for the purpose. A thick-pile pattern could also be successfully placed in the living room to create a relaxing area. Before proceeding, however, make sure the risk of damage is low.

Unlike the amount of knots per square meter, the thickness of the rug is not a parameter directly related to its quality. Therefore, the choice between a thick or thin rug is mainly related to one’s aesthetic taste and the style one wants to give to the home.

When choosing the right rug for each room in the house, the relationship between the rug and the floor should also be kept in mind. In the presence of a valuable and delicate floor, the use of a rug with a high thickness, which is more stable and better able to absorb blows, may prove to be a better choice than an artifact with a thin pile.

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