Rug sizes: how to make the right choice? [Complete guide].

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Rug sizes

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Today’s post is dedicated to rug sizes. Indeed, choosing the right size of a textile is crucial to achieving the desired atmosphere in any room of the house.

The size and dimension of the carpet can to all intents and purposes greatly influence both the way the space is perceived and its functionality. The size of the carpet will also depend on its positioning and the relationship it creates with the rest of the furniture.

What to consider when choosing rug sizes?

Choosing the right rug sizes for your home is not always easy. Complicating matters is the fact that there are an infinite number of carpets on the market, in every shape and size imaginable. There is also the possibility of having custom-made carpets made , in order to obtain a product that fits your room to the centimetre.

When defining the characteristics of the product, the first step is to identify the place where the carpet is to be placed. Measuring the size and shape of the room helps to get an idea of which type of carpet is best suited within the space. In general, smaller rooms require smaller-sized carpets, while larger rooms can accommodate larger carpets .

Placing too large or too small a carpet in a room can be annoying and create a visual imbalance in the room. In general, most interior design professionals suggest that a carpet should be large enough to embrace most of the furniture in the room at a glance, but without completely covering the floor.

In the process of choosing rug sizes, it is also important to consider the exact positioning of the piece. If the piece will be placed under a dining table, the pattern should be large enough to provide enough space to move the chairs. If, on the other hand, the carpet is to be placed in a living room, the choice will have to be made taking into consideration the layout of the surrounding furniture, the amount of space available and the type of atmosphere one wishes to create.

Finally, the importance of the chosen interior design style should not be underestimated. Creating a good balance between interior design and carpets creates a strong relationship between all elements. The perfect carpet will complement furniture and decorations already in the room and become an eye-catching focal point.

The advice on rug sizes certainly does not end here. We therefore continue our series of tips on how to select the ideal size of a carpet.

What are the standard rug sizes to keep in mind?

Rug sizes

Much of modern carpet production descends from traditional patterns that have been made for centuries in the Middle East and Asia. The influence of Oriental carpets is not only expressed in terms of the design and colours used for individual pieces, but also in terms of size.

Many of the carpets found on the market are made in standard sizes and formats. Knowing these dimensions helps one to orient oneself among the available options and allows one to direct one’s choice towards the solutions that best meet one’s needs. So let’s talk about what we call standard rug sizes.

The most classic options are rectangular carpets measuring 120×170 cm, 160×230 cm and 200×300 cm. For square carpets the most common sizes start at 160×160 cm for small format models, up to 300×300 cm for larger rooms in the home. In the case of round carpets, there is a great variety in sizes. For a small-format carpet to be placed under a vase or decorative element, one can go for carpets with a diameter of 160 cm. If one wants to place the carpet in the middle of the room, one can choose a larger carpet with a diameter of at least 250 cm.

The choice of the most suitable carpet size for each room in the house will of course depend on the size of the room in which the carpet is to be placed and the desired result.

How to customise your décor by acting on rug sizes?

Standard rug sizes are perfect for regularly shaped rooms, such as rectangular rooms. When it comes to irregularly shaped or particularly large rooms, standard measurements may not be sufficient. In these cases, custom measurements and made-to-measure designs are necessary.

Bespoke designs are best suited to the shape and size of the room and meet your needs perfectly.

Even in spaces that are generally complex to furnish, such as entrance halls, corridors or staircases, standard size options may not be the optimal solution. Being able to select the right shape and size for the available space helps customise interior design and improve the look and functionality of different rooms in the home.

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