The largest rug size: how to choose the right model according to the space to be furnished?

Design Oct 01.2022
largest rug size

Large and spacious rooms can be furnished with the largest rug size , whether in a domestic or commercial location. In fact, a large rug is just as ideal in a loft as in a hotel, office or shop.

Due to its size, the large luxury carpet becomes the main protagonist of the furniture and space. For this reason, careful attention must be paid to the choice of design of the artefact, even resorting to made-to-measure projects.

What are the advantages of choosing the largest rug size?

A large-format artefact has the very important function of furnishing particularly large rooms. Generally, these are spaces that are difficult to furnish and in which it is crucial to find the right proportions between the size of the decorative elements and that of the room.

A high-quality carpet can give personality and visually fill the room with style and elegance. Moreover, by covering a large part of the floor, it protects it from being walked on. Especially in commercial spaces – a large hotel or a shop – the ability to preserve the floor from the wear and tear of high foot traffic is an advantage not to be overlooked.

In most cases, commercially available luxury carpets have standard dimensions and are designed to fit domestic spaces. However, when you need a large-format carpet, custom-made solutions are usually best. With a custom-made design, you can get exactly what you need, both in terms of size and design.

largest rug size

How to choose the right extra-large rug size?

Deciding which type of largest rug size to place in the space depends largely on the characteristics of the room to be furnished. In a living room or open space, it will be possible to fit a large carpet of any shape, colour and material. In a commercial space, on the other hand, it will be necessary to select those items whose design and characteristics are best suited to withstand high levels of traffic and fit in with the identity and values of the brand.

When considering the purchase of a largest rug size, it is also important to choose the design of the model with particular care. This is because the carpet takes up a large part of the room and, with its colours and patterns, gives a characteristic and distinctive look to the entire room.

Furthermore, in order to correctly choose the right largest rug size model for the space to be furnished, it is important to assess the time required to make the rug. Hand-knotted carpets are in fact created in an artisanal manner, making hundreds of thousands or even millions of knots. In the case of large carpets, this activity requires several months of work and the employment of several craftsmen. The time can be longer in the case of custom-made carpets, for which special shapes are chosen or very elaborate designs are required.

For hand-knotted carpets, wool or cotton yarns are generally selected. These materials guarantee excellent levels of resistance and also make it possible to create extra-large carpets of the highest quality. If you want to give a particularly refined touch to the piece and if the environment is not so busy, a small amount of silk or viscose can be added to the fibres selected for the carpet. These yarns will give an elegant, glossy finish to the piece.

largest rug size

How can the largest rug size be used in home furnishing?

In the home, the  largest rug size generally finds its place in the living area. A large open-plan living room or a loft can easily be enhanced with such a furnishing accessory.

An oriental carpet with a floral design or with original patterns can give personality and visually fill the space, without the need for a special backing. It will be sufficient to match the carpet with furniture and accessories consistent with its style to create a beautiful visual balance.

A simpler XL carpet, on the other hand, can become the basis for building a customised interior design. The large-format model can be seen as one of many furniture components, to be placed side by side and combined with other smaller carpets in different colours. In this way, areas of the room that would otherwise be in the background can be brought out or different areas of the open-plan living room can be visually separated. By playing with overlaps, shapes and colours, it is indeed possible to create beautiful optical effects and give a strong dynamism to the room, without running the risk that the design of the artefact flattens the room.

Furnishing one’s home with largest rug size is always a good idea, especially when one relies on a customised design that is capable of enhancing all the beauty of contemporary art artefacts.

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