Round dining table rugs: all the tips for making the right choice?

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Round dining table rugs

In today’s post we discuss the choice of round dining table rugs. Combining a round rug with the table where meals are eaten is a good solution when there is a need to balance aesthetic motivations and functional aspects.

In particular, the combination of a dining table and a round rug  offers a long list of benefits that can greatly enhance the appearance and practicality of the living area of the home. Let’s see why.

Why use Round dining table rugs ?

From an aesthetic point of view, the choice of combining the dining table with a round rug is consistent and adds a touch of originality and harmony to the room where the family gathers to eat their meals.

The most natural combination is that of a round rug and a round table. However, no one forbids making a more original choice and proposing an unusual combination of a round rug and a rectangular, square or oval dining table. If well thought out, the contrast between the different geometric shapes creates an interesting visual balance. In addition, the round design of the item can help break up the monotony of straight lines in the furniture and add a fresh and original touch to the room.

Defining the dining area with a round artefact also has advantages on a practical level. Indeed, the presence of the rug marks the boundary between the dining area and the rest of the dining room. This advantage is particularly appreciated in open-plan environments, where the absence of physical elements separating spaces risks creating confusion between the dining area and other areas.

Much more can be said about Round dining table rugs . For example, if there is a large dining table, it is useful to opt for a textile that is just as large, perhaps made to measure . The harmony between the carpet and the table improves the aesthetics of the room and creates a cosy and safe environment for all guests, who can then move the chairs closer to or further away from the table without encountering obstacles.

Round dining table rugs

What are the right sizes and styles for round dining table rugs?

Choosing the right size and style of round rugs to go with a dining table is crucial to creating an ambience that is both harmonious and elegant.

First of all, it must be considered that the size of the item must be proportionate to that of the table. A good starting point is to ensure that the carpet is at least 1.2 metres larger in diameter than the table. This extra spacing is essential to ensure that chairs can be comfortably placed on the carpet and to allow people to sit and stand up smoothly.

When defining the ideal size of the carpet, the table structure must be taken into account. In the case of a table that can be opened, for example, the maximum width assumed by the table must be taken into account when choosing the width of the round design.

Any other tips on Round dining table rugs ? In the event that the table has dimensions that differ from the standard ones, an ad hoc solution could be found by resorting to the creation of a custom-made rug. In this way, you would obtain a product that corresponds exactly to what you need.

As far as the style of the textile is concerned, the choice is essentially between models with an oriental design, which are perfect if you want to add a classic and sophisticated touch to your dining room, and models with a contemporary design, with a fresher and more modern aesthetic and characterised by clean lines and neutral or bold colours.

Round dining table rugs : a few pointers on the most appropriate combinations

Round dining table rugs

When it comes to choosing what type of rug to match your dining table, it is important to consider various aspects of the product and the environment.

First of all, one must bear in mind that the textile will be underneath the dining table and that, as a result, the risk of it becoming stained or of food and liquids falling on it will increase. For this reason, it is advisable to opt for carpets with an elaborate design composed of various colours, so that any stains will be less visible.

Secondly, it is essential to choose durable materials for the carpet. Since chairs are moved all the time, Round dining table rugs  must be made of suitably durable materials. Indeed, pieces created from delicate fibres can wear out and be damaged.

With regard to the thickness of the textile, it is preferable to use short-pile or flat-weave designs. Long fibres, in fact, could hinder the movement of chairs and cause falls or loss of balance.

Finally, as far as the colours of the carpet are concerned, one can orient oneself towards shades of red, yellow or brown, if one wishes to give the room a warm and enveloping atmosphere, or towards cooler colours, such as green and blue, if one wishes instead to transmit a sense of well-being and relaxation.

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